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Friday, August 9, 2013

TEEN ANGEL by James Hartley gets LADYBUGGED

Ritchie Valens

...The Penguins...

Any modern book that can bring those names to mind is already a 

WINNER! And that's exactly what 

James Harltey did for me. 

The very first time I read this book, I kept hearing Ritchie Valens singing his heartfelt song to Donna that 

haunted me with the tragic tale of love cut short in the flesh by an accident out there on the roads somewhere.
In TEEN ANGEL it is not the guy, but the girl, Angie, whose tragic death takes her from Dickie, the love of her young life...and Dickie left behind for Angie, now an angel to watch over up there and believe he cannot be happy without her back here.

That brings me to The Penguins and their song 

EARTH ANGEL. In James Hartley's book Angie returns to earth to reclaim the love of her life...his earth angel...still a cool is that? 

Or it would be if Dickie weren't Rick, and thirty years hadn't passed since he last saw Angie. 

Oh and if he weren't a married father with a daughter almost the same age Angie was/is. 

What's a man supposed to do when an angel refuses to believe she's not YOUR angel any more?


Ladybug Lin, loved reading this book. 

James Hartley always gives me a delightful journey with whatever topic he's chosen to write about, but this one added several layers for me because I FELT the tug of 

nostalgia, the frustration of trying to convince, basically a spoiled teenager you've grown up and way past her when she's still stuck in the narrowed 

groove on the 45 rpm record from way-back and there's nowhere to send her off to. 

Where DOES one send an angel thirty years out of time?
TEEN ANGEL a blast from the past you'll love...I know I DID

4 1/2 Be-bopping Stars I happily bestow upon James Hartley and TEEN ANGEL...and now as October approaches, I wonder what the odds of of me finding a 

poodle skirt in time for Halloween? 

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