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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE MINOTAUR by Chrystalla Thoma gets LADYBUGGED

Greek Mythology is coming to life in modern Greece under the guiding hand of
Chrystalla Thoma in this, her long awaited second Greek Urban Fantasy. (Her first DIOSCURI was fantastic.)
The MINOTAUR returns us to a theme that played in Dioscuri....offspring of the randy gods, begat upon mortals coming into their own and loathing the games played by the gods even in modern times. 

Ms. Thoma weaves elements of the myths from the past into the stories of her modern legends, legends that place a new slant on the tales of old.

As a Greek woman, Ms. Thoma intertwines the old with the new so masterfully your happy to go along for the ride, intrigued by the similarities and differences, and caught in the capriciousness of the gods and their playthings. 

Is it possible what Ms. Thoma writes can be real? It's Urban Fantasy. Is any of the urban fantasy real? Who knows, and yet aren't we all captivated by the possibility of what might still be the unknown...

Bigfoot, Yettie, Loch Ness Monster, 


were-creatures, and on and on and on? 



The way Ms. Thoma writes, with such authority and conviction, I much so I can't give her less than 

five stars for creating a story that held me tightly in its grasp from beginning to end.

Well done Ms. Thoma...what's next?

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Cyrus Keith said...

I know! I bought this right away when it came out, and I LOVED it!