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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, August 5, 2013

THE OAK KING'S DAUGHTER by Emily Pikkasso gets Ladybugged

Celtic Legends...For most of us they're not as well known as the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythologies are or even the Norse, with Odin and Thor.

THE OAK KING'S DAUGHTER introduces us to one branch of the Celtic realm, the Oak King, which I suppose would most closely align to the realm of autumn.

Emily Pikkasso tells us a tale of a daughter, a cossetted daughter, raised in the court of her father, the 

Oak King, but as with most children when they reach a certain age, she has a need to rebel, a need that goes into overdrive when a new mage enters the court, a mage she can't take her eyes off of...a mage that stirs parts of her no mage is ever going to be allowed close enough to a king's daughter to assuage. 

As I read this short but high octane infused story, I had only one regret...because it is a short story, we had such a limited amount of time and space to get to know the characters beyond the high call of the sexual tension burning between them. I'm hoping 

Dara, the Oak King's daughter, Dairmuid, the King, Tinne, the deliciously gorgeous

mage, and the ethereal presence of the

Holly King are further fleshed out in the future books promised by the ending of this book. I look forward to the next in this promising series.

So as a powerful introduction and teaser for future tales I give this book

 4 1/2 stars and plead with Emily to get the next book written soon. And 

Thank you most Sincerely, for introducing me to the Celtic Lore.

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Kay Dee Royal said...

I absolutely loved this story...I think because it's nice and short...twisty ending, and exceptional characters.

Oh...and it was tastefully sensual;) Bonus *grins*

Hugs, Nancy...nice review, Lin. You're reviews are always so classy and fun at the same time;)