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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, August 30, 2013

TRAPS by Larion Wills gets LADYBUGGED

Ms. Larion Wills proves with this gripping tale, 

man is the most unscrupulous animal on this planet as he sinks to the levels of poaching for money to the point of extinction...she also shows how important it is to know just who not to turn you back on.
TRAPS should make every person reading it 

angry at the nerve of mankind...his greed...selfishness...lust...and arrogance at placing his own puerile needs above the needs of every other creature sharing 

our planet with him.

The love story developing between Park Ranger Ward Overland and professional photographer Callie Bennett draws you more deeply into the levels of sadistic cruelty those who will kill for such egocentric killing a beautiful creature for one little organ  and then leave the rest of the animal to rot...will stoop to...and for what? 

Would you believe...a supposed aphrodisiac to embellish a libido?

But Larion Wills AUTHOR'S NOTE alone...before the opening paragraph of the story should be enough to infuriate all animal lovers and urge you, the reader, on to see the lengths cruelty can seduce soulless killers to.

by Larion Wills...easily wins 

FIVE STARS from this 

Ladybug Lin Review.  


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

thank you, lady bug, for the great review as well as seeing the reason behind the story. in just the last month I've learned elk are slaughter for the velvet on the antlers and one small organ. ironically those who use it can develop a deadly disease. poetic justice?

Lin said...

I don't understand people that feed off cruelty. The only REAL organ a person needs to stimulate is the brain...and part of that is to realize we are not here to destroy everything we touch...I do not know why mankind is never satisfied.