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Friday, August 23, 2013


TWIN FLAMES: SOUL MEMORY by Alix Richards is book two in her Twin Flames Series.

As a person who believes in the one soul, two parts living in two flesh forms at the same time I was interested to see how Ms. Richards addressed this concept. Book One was an impressive introduction, but this book blew me away.

Each spirit comes to the realization of their soul truth in their own time, via their own path. Mine brought me to it by naming the one soul now two, a Split-Apart. Some call it Soul-Twin...the name is not as important as recognizing its reality. Joy and Jairo have had to overcome many hurdles to get them to the point of Book Two...and now they must face more.

Ms. Richards caught the intense oneness of the relationship that distance, time, and now even amnesia cannot alter.

Book TWO
TWIN FLAMES: SOUL MEMORY vibrated with the power of the soul connection paving the way for volumes still to follow.

I don't do spoilers, so cannot give the story away, nor do I want to, but for anyone who believes in that place deep inside of you that there really IS someone out here in the world who belongs to your heart and soul exclusively, and above all others, this is a MUST read...because we are truly TWIN FLAMES: and it's time for our SOULS to regain their MEMORY.

FIVE STARS for Ms. Richards and her Book TWO
Check out Book One TWIN FLAMES : SOUL BOUND.

Looking forward to Book THREE


Alix Richards said...

Oh Lin! You got it right on! :-) Thank you again for your wonderful words and beautiful review. :-)

I didn't want to make it obvious to readers, at the same time really wanted to just scream it out so they knew what they were getting. LOL I tried a little of both. Did I succeed? ;-)

Lin said...

Either that or I read your mind. ;)

Kay Dee Royal said...

Love this book:) Love the whole series...Lin, spot on book review:)

Alix Richards said...

LOL It is possible. ;-) I'm a believer.

You guys, I'm blushing. Thank you Lin and Kay Dee. From the bottom of my heart. }}hugs{{

Lin said...

You are MOST welcome Alix. {{{{HUGS}}}} back.