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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Darinel is a prince...the first born, heir to the throne he wants nothing to do with...he wants to find a place where violence and conquering are not the order of the realm.

Knowing he will be banished...the throne handed to his younger brother, 

Darinel turns his back on his birth-rite and his father's commands that he "shape-up"...Darinel sets off to find a kingdom run by a kinder, more benevolent monarch.

It is not an easy journey. There are places so filled with mistrust, he barely makes it out alive. It's a big world so it takes him such a long time when he sees the huge shadow flying over him, just outside the kingdom he knows he's been looking for.

HOWEVER, he will learn that shadow is a 

dragon in need of slaying, according to the benevolent monarch he's found...oh and if he wants to wed the beautiful princess he holds in great esteem, the head of the dragon is the price.

I'm not going to do a spoiler and tell you what happens, but the story will grab you, and have you cheering for our hero and our heroin. I WILL say, 

Hans Christian Andersen has NOTHING on

Antje Hergt.
DARINEL DRAGONHUNTER is a captivating story written for the young, but also for those like me...not young, chronologically, but young where it counts, inside my heart.

FIVE GLITTERING STARS I give this heartwarming story of magic, compassion, and honor.

Thank you 


Antje Hergt. I look forward to your next story.

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Anonymous said...

Great review - I am currently reading, and enjoying it!
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