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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A TRACE OF PASSION by Danielle Ravencraft gets LADYBUGGED


A TRACE OF PASSION by Danielle Ravencraft.

Hey all, 

Ladybug Lin Here. I've never fully understood why certain books arrive in my hands at just the most propitious moment...nor do I understand why when I've read Book One in a series, it may take me a long extremely long time, (like three years) to find my way to 

Book Two...especially when the author is one of my favorites. I guess I'm a tad lazy. 

This IS Book Two in the ongoing story of Ophelia and Trace. 

I am so blown away by Book two, I don't really know where to begin. It knocked me for a HUGE loop. I believe there is a unique brand of power in 

short stories, but only in the hands of an author who can with the smallest number of words, create a compelling, hard to put down, stay with you long after you're done reading it, book, that leaves you gasping AND wanting more.  

Ms. Ravencraft does that and so much more with 


for Trace and Ophelia, and feel like I know them and want so much for them. This is Book Two, and what I believed is behind Ophelia's reluctance in her wanting to develop her relationship with the Trace of today, was so far off the mark that it literally blindsided me.

FIVE Potent Stars for A TRACE OF PASSION. I truly hope it does not take me another nearly three years before I read Book Three. A TRACE OF HOPE.

Thank you 

Danielle Ravencraft! You are Most Assuredly 


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Kay Dee Royal said...

I agree, Lin - it is brilliant...and I'm looking forward to sliding back into their lives in their next story;)