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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


BILLY THE BONSAI BULL is a touching, true story, from the incredibly vast repertoire of 

Wendy Laharnar.

Those of us who do not spend our days 

tending to the cows we see grazing on the farms we pass by in our cars, do not see the traits that make up the individual cows and bulls grazing on that land we zip by so quickly. We see the collective unit, everyone calls 

THE HERD, lazily going about their routine day-to-day existence, but do not see the individual animal and the heart and soul that lives there.

Wendy, a farmer's wife, once upon a time, lived a life that allowed her to see, feel, and celebrate the nuances that make for personal individuality among the masses of the herd. Through her brilliance at weaving the words to bring the little boy bull to literary life, so do we.
BILLY THE BONSAI BULL is the story of one baby boy born to a dying mother, and the journey, at a mere three weeks of age, he had to take to survive, and the loving role the farmer's wife brings to the equation as she stays the course and wins his trust so she can help him live.

FIVE STARS to both 

Ms. Laharnar for a deep, heartwarming tale about a side of life most of us will never experience, and BILLY THE BONSAI BULL, for letting us see there is more to the animals sharing our planet that the occasional Moo, or grrrrrr.


Wendy said...

Thank you Lin. Your reviews are so wonderful. I'm honoured to be among your authors.

Penny's Tales said...

As we live in the middle of a 2000 acre cattle ranch, I know a few personalities of some cows around here. I will be grabbing this book to check out Wendy. Congrats!

Thanks Lin for bringing this book to all of us!

Rosalie Skinner said...

A great review, Lin, Wendy does bring Billy to life. I think Wendy has a magic pen, the way she manages to evoke emotion in simple words.

Wendy said...

Penny, it sounds as if you are livin' the good life. I miss our cows. Those 16 years on our farm were pretty special. I wouldn't have missed them for the world. Thanks for grabbing this story. I hope you love Billy.

Rosalie, Thank you for your lovely comment and your loving support.

Lin said...

To all, I did not know if I would enjoy this book, but I absolutely loved it, and Rosalie, Wendy DOES know how to evoke the most emotion is the smallest of words.

And Wendy, glad you liked my review of this powerful little book.