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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

DEE DAYS by Lora Richards gets LADYBUGGED

Lora Richards has created an ingenious tale for the Tween reader and those of us long beyond the blush of Tween-hood.

It begins with DeeDee and her sister MJ not all that happy about the new move their family had to make when their dad got a new job...a new house included.

There's a reason why all the growth markers say Tweens are still caught up in the idea, "I am the only important person, and what I want should be number one with EVERYONE!" 

DeeDee needs to grow up, but by defying her parents and going where she's been told to avoid, like it or not, DeeDee is going to grow up.

This is a rich story filled with the frustration a young person feels when the world they know is uprooted for a new world they feel does not understand them.
DEE DAYS and the bonus novella DEE NIGHTS deserves  

FOUR AND A HALF STARS...a from the way these two story ends, I don't think we've see the last of DeeDee. 

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