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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, October 17, 2013


My very SECOND Coming Soon Book Review...Anticipated Release in November 2013 From MuseItUp Publishing, Inc.



devil walks among us, but (s)he's not some fork-tailed aberration. No (s)he looks like a normal person...MOST of the time...because the devil can hide behind the mask of normalcy. The devil so eloquently presented in this book is a serial destroyer of the victims who cross the devil's path because of possessive obsession, bordering on mania.

Leona Pence, creator of this intricate story HEMPHILL TOWERS defines evil so well the story often had me shaking in my nerve endings.

An evil obsessive one is terrifying enough to make a story intense when the demon has nothing more than living on the street wiles to fuel their insanity, but add money, position, and the ability to create enticing first...takes scary into a whole new level of scary...SCARY in capital letters.

HEMPHILL TOWERS...I can't award this coming soon story less than 

FIVE STARS and be true to the effects it had on me during my reading of it. As one who spent many years the pinpoint focus of such a deranged demon, I can truthfully say Ms. Pence got it 

one hundred per cent right. 

Sadly though, not all demons end up like Ms. Pence's does. 


TJ said...

Congrats Leo!

I cant' wait for your book to be released. I'll be first in line.

Von Rupert said...

Wow! What an incredible review! Lin, you are an incredible review writer. You took a completely different approach to Leo's story than I expected, and I love it. Leo, I'm getting more and more excited about Hemphill Towers.

Meradeth Houston said...

Yay, Leona! Definitely looking forward to this one!

Penny's Tales said...

Yikes....I will be getting this one! I wish I could write this kind of book! Congrats Leona!

Thanks Lin for bringing this one to everyone's attention!

J Q Rose said...

Wow--I think Ladybug Lin liked this book! Amazing graphics certainly accompany a five star review. Can't wait to read this one!

Lin said...

This reviewer is only as good as the book I'm reviewing...luckily I get really good stuff to work with. :>)