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Friday, October 4, 2013



REVA'S QUEST by Sue Perkins, cover by Mike Zambrano, is a book I, 

Ladybug Lin, chose even though it is technically a 

Tween Title...and my days of Tween-hood, are a bit long in my tooth, so-to-speak. That said, I enjoyed it, and so will "kids" of all ages.

Reva is the child of a military family that tends to move around a lot...and every new school she's required to attend brings her into being the odd girl out as she steps into a social system that doesn't really want to make room for the New-Girl on the Block.

To battle the loneliness, Reva begins opening up her imagination to write a story about the magical land of The Fey...only to discover, thanks to her 

garden gnome, the land of The Fey is real, and somehow her writing is causing trouble, he and his fellow Fey-ites expect her to fix. 

This is an unusual journey/quest forcing Reva to travel to the land of The Fey bringing her face-to-face with creatures she never knew existed outside her also brings her face-to-face with danger...lots and lots of danger.
REVA'S QUEST is a well constructed, highly imaginative story that will hold and enchant its matter what their age. 

Therefore I recommend it highly and award it FIVE STARS.

Well Done Sue Perkins. 


Sue Perkins said...

Don't think my comment went up, but thankyou Lin for the wonderful review. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been out of internet zone for the weekend.

Lin said...

You're very welcome, Sue. Look forward to reading more of your works.