Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON by Kat Holmes Book 6 in the Gods At Work Series gets LADYBUGGED


Kat Holmes

brings the 

Greek Pantheon of Gods into the modern world. Her premise? With the world's economy in the tank the human plebes are not marching into the Greek God's temples and leaving their wealth behind, so Zeus is not resting on the laurels he so richly thinks he deserves...however, he has a lot of begotten fruits of his loins to send down here and work among the plebes so he can continue stretching out upon his laurels and, well tossing a lightning bolt here and there along the way, as he sees fit.

This is Book Six and they are getting better and better all the time. In UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON, we find ourselves in the personalized world required of her to earn Daddy's familial tithing...his daughter... 

Artemis,  Goddess of the Hunt.

She's a lithe warrior who decides she can earn her daughter's pay by happily doing what is nearest and dearest to her this case she sets up a 

wilderness vacation package for the normally desk bound business warrior.In other words, they're expecting a deluxe vacation communing with nature on one hand while guzzling beer, or something more refined on the other hand, but alas Artemis knows how to make grown men cry while teaching them what they really NEED to know to survive in the wilderness. 

In short, she's one crafty goddess who will force them to "toughen" up...or else.

This is more than a survival expedition. Who among her clients will touch 

the heart of a goddess and what dangers will they all face along the way?

The Gods At Work series is growing richer, and richer with each book Kat Holmes presents before us. Her writing skills, as an author are burgeoning, and this, is probably the richest so far...although I really LOVED Poseidon's story in Book Four, CRIMSON WATERS. to be fair, I love this story with as much pleasure and excitement as I felt for Crimson Waters. However, may I also take a second and praise the cover for this one...that is one Holy Cow of an Artemis on the cover 
UNDER THE HUNTRESS MOON done by Karen H. Phillips.

So overall I MUST give this book 

FIVE POWERFUL STARS and ask Ms. Holmes...who's next? 

Is it Zeus, cause he really needs to be...brought down a throne or two.

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