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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Since I began 

Ladybug Lin's 

Reviews my awe in the world of authors has grown by leaps and bounds. I've always held authors in the highest esteem...they are my 

heroes...because they accomplish the truly magical...they take us away from the mundane and allow us to step into the many realms of the world...wherever in the world, universe, or sub-universe their brilliant creativity takes us.

Every now and then, also, I am fortunate to have authors share works that I'm not sure are available, either in e-format or print. I get to travel grounds that may just make me a reading pioneer. That is how I feel about 

James Hartley's short Science Fiction entitled BRIGADOONED.

I am never disappointed by the masterful 

twists and turns Mr. Hartley creates when he gets into his authorial mode. Playing on the theme set by the classical musical motion picture 

BRIGADOON, he turns it upside down, inside out, and around and around and around.

An accidental pushing of a button sends our unprepared quantum leaper one hundred years into some future...assuming time is linear.

What if it isn't and somewhere in your daily century leaps, time spirals back and the tomorrow you will wake to is the day you accidentally pushed that button?

Back to the starting point?

James Hartley's BRIGADOONED sent chills up and down my spine. I so love this man's writing voice, I don't care if it's published it JIM?...I HAVE to give Brigadooned 


Well Done James Hartley, Sir!


Jim Hartley said...

This story can be found in the anthology "The Temporal Element" available.on Amazon and maybe other places.

Lin said...

That is very good to know. Now just tell me how I go about copy and pasting this review where it might do you some good?

Jim Hartley said...

Good question. I guess you could go to the Amazon page for the anthology and put the review there even if its just for the one story instead of the whole book. I assume you know how to put a review on Amazon?