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Saturday, December 28, 2013

DREAM SHADE by Heather Fraser Brainerd gets LADYBUGGED

My feet are cold. 

Okay that's probably a weird way to start a review but I've learned it is bad to screen those thoughts that just pop into my head or out through my typing little fingers. Somewhere within the body of this review saying 

"My feet are cold," is going to make sense.

I'm here to review DREAM SHADE by Heather Fraser Brainerd. 

Everyone loves a good ghost story. Unfortunately not everybody can write them. Luckily for all of us Helen Fraser Brainerd is not one of those hapless people that cannot write a 

spine-tingling ghost story that's meant to make us gnaw on our fingertips while shivering in our boots.

This is a story about a young girl in her first year at the 

BIG KIDS High School, who for some reason begins seeing shifting patterns of coalescing and dispersing glow-lights. Not the kind you see in the tubes they pass out at Country Fairs, or to light your way when you're Trick-or-Treating...

no these are the kind that sparkle but make your body go real cold...Hmmm, do you think that's why my feet are cold? Am I resting them on a bit of ectoplasm that hasn't decided to get all sparkly yet? (See, I told you it'd fit in.)

Sarah Pasmore, her friends Anna and Will are about to step into the world of May, a ghost who comes to them when Anna decides that because of Sarah's weird case of the twinkly chills, needs to conduct...oh heaven help them...a seanc√©. 

What a journey Ms. Brainerd puts poor Sarah through, but for us, the happily ensnared reader it is a top notch ghost story for the young, and yep, those of us not young, but who love ghostly tales.

DREAM SHADE is worthy of more than I can give it, but it DEFINITELY deserves


Question...will we be seeing more tales about Sarah and her friends? Just asking?

One more thing...I LOVE this cover done by Cover Artist C.K. Volnek. It's my honor to award this cover...

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