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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

DUNCAN'S ROSE by Suzannah Safi gets LADYBUGGED

I have to say before I get into reviewing DUNCAN'S ROSE I am an enthusiastic fan of Suzannah Safi the brilliant graphic artist. She has done some of my favorite covers...both for me, and my daughter, author Kat Holmes. She has also given us both book trailers that should be on the Oscar committee's HOT list.

Now, on to DUNCAN'S ROSE...misdirection, redirection, and exquisite clarity defines the richness of this book. In the beginning you're not sure what the hero is really up to...but it seems...disturbingly nefarious.

With that centered in your mind you read on...not at all certain if you want the hero to win the heroine..or not. Of course her agenda is not as crystal clear as you'd want it to be either...which tells you, Ms. Safi has created REAL people with REAL motivations based on their REAL lives.

I can't toot Ms. Safi's horn loudly enough for DUNCAN'S ROSE...not even with FIVE, well earned stars...

but I give her these eager to parade for her stars and find myself hovering here on my computer, calling up her author's name hoping I'll find another to join this her SECOND Muse It Up release. (joining 

Well Done, Ms. Safi.


Cheryl said...

Nice review!

Susan Bernhardt said...

Wonderful review, Lin! And Suzannah Safi, I'm a big fan of your book covers and your book sounds great. You must have done your own cover, right?

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