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Thursday, December 26, 2013



Confession time...when I first saw the cover of this book, I was sorely tempted NOT to read it. I so loved the cover for 
SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT, the prequel to THIS story...although I did not know this at the time. I've learned authors, more often than not, have little control over what appears on their covers, and even when we do have some control, we know so little about the art end of what draws fans to buy our books...I just was sorely deflated by the HOG WILD cover after the power radiating from the SHADOWS cover.

Luckily I do not do reviews based on the covers the authors get...another confession...I LOVE Christine London's writing voice I will read her books ANYWAY...and here's why. (What follows is the review I wrote out long hand right after I finished reading HOG it's a bit raw.)

HOG WILD- sequel to SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT by Christine London is a book filled to overflowing with the realities of life...its ups, down, almost turns, and recovering from the pitfalls life makes us traverse.

Having lived a life filled with enough pitfalls to open my very own sink hole, reading Christine London's work is often...searing. Why revisit, in reading, a place I still have nightmares about all these years later? Life is never a candy-coated journey, no matter who you are, where you come from, or how many zeroes parade behind the big numbers in your bank balance. Reading about a "perfect life" would be as realistic as reading the "Happy Ever After" fairy tales we grow up on as children. (Have you ever noticed fairy tales end when the Prince and Princess marry...or when the Princess names the wicked thing wanting her first born child for services rendered?)

Life continues after it's more horrific moments...and it can segue into being even messier, whether through our own missteps or the warped designs of others. 

Christine London knows this and with sharp attention to detail, releases that into the stories she creates. I, as an author, have not found a calm enough oasis within myself to weave the depths of my nightmares into my fiction...yet...but through reading Christine London's stories, I must face them...the horror...the anguish...the despair...the brokenness....and the healing.

Through her, I can and DO see some of the positive strength I've possessed that led me to survive the NON-survivable, to smile when pain from the past still held me in its wrench-like grasp reminding me my road truly has been a long and arduous one. Her characters show me that I have also learned to honor my ability to celebrate each positive step I've taken. I see how fortunate I am to have found generous hearts along the way with wingspans wider than all of the universe who've walked into or through my life enriching my very soul. 

Kyle Matthews loved deeply, so deeply he pulls his pain inside, leaving the woman his heart aches for and the man who's like a brother to him she chooses over him to find his own acceptance...away from watching them grow in love and him splintering in their presence. 

A man of talent and wealth, he still cannot buy his heart's desire nor mute the things he did that prove he is not a saint, but a man, with human foibles that can and does fall from honorable grace. I met Kyle in SHADOWS STEAL THE LIGHT...I ached for him when his heart imploded...but Kyle Matthews in HOG WILD showed me again, why I fell in love with him in SHADOWS.

You do not NEED to read SHADOWS to wrap your heart around Kyle in HOG WILD. He will again, face danger and show his true mettle. However, you will only be more deeply enriched if you read these two books in order.
All that aside, it is time for me to do my THIS book HOG WILD by Christine London.

To say any more than what I'm about to say would deny the climatic power of Christine London's writing voice.

Drum roll please!



Penny's Tales said...

Holy moly, Lin. Your reviews are just so entertaining! Pictures always compliment your descriptions. I loved the cat and the drum roll!

Christine, your books sound and look fabulous! I will most definitely be checking them out!

Anonymous said...

I love this. Now to order it. You get me in more trouble with filling my e Reader

Christine London said...

Lin, you touch me so deeply by sharing your very personal reactions. When a reader is moved, all the effort that went into bleeding words onto the page is more than worth it.

I so appreciate your candor and continuing support. Cheers and happy new year!

Elle said...

Love that drum roll!

Anonymous said...

Lin, your reviews always make me want to read the book! I am one of those authors who would love you to reviewmy second YA novel when it is released:)

lionmother said...

Lin, you know I forgot to scroll down for identity. I am Anonymous:)

lionmother said...

Oh, my comment didn't publish! I'm not Anonymous after all:)

What I said was your reviews always make me want to read the book! Also, I am one of those authors who would love you to write a review for my second YA novel when it is released this summer or fall:)

Marie Laval said...

This is a great review for what seems to be a great novel and a strong, moving and very appealing hero.

Heather said...

As Lin knows, I'm not in the habit of going to Muse Hot, but this review has my attention. I love a good drama, something that touches my heart and soul. I'll be adding this to my 'want to read' list
Christine - if you have any interest in a book / review exchange, let me know. Lin reviewed my first book some time ago.
Heather G - Natasha's Dream
Natasha's Diary

Victoria Roder said...

The Characters sound very deep in Hog Wild. Great review.