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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Ladybug Lin is SOOOOO not used to tooting her own horn, but when she gets the nod from another what's a self respecting bug to do?

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Mary Curtis for this acknowledgement.

One Lovely Blog Award

 I’m  not new at this. I have tons of blogs and have been at it for about five years now since I began the first one...although they have morphed a time or two since the beginning. Ladybug Lin's Exceptional Reviews is my most recent blog and one I began to fill a need in me to share my love for the authors I have come to know and enjoy reading on an almost daily basis. 

I never actually thought of myself as a reviewer. I'm just your average reader who knows what she likes and doesn't like, but when I saw what some of the "professional" reviewers were posting it bothered me because a lot of them were actually giving away the story line, and I couldn't wrap my head around the why and wherefores of that.  Was that, I queried necessary, to review an author's book?

I didn't think so. so I set out to review without giving everything away...and I hope that's what I've done.

This award for critiquing others is amazing, and deeply appreciated. I've received other awards for my blogs, but because this one is for a blog dedicated to sharing the best of the writing world, in my humble opinion, I am honored to the core of my keyboard tapping fingers and brain firing synapses.

Thank you for this honor Mary Curtis, and as Mary said when SHE was nominated for this award, I’m in good company for this nomination. 

One of the rules when accepting the nomination is for the recipients to post Seven Random Facts about themselves. Here’s my list:

1.) This should probably be considered X-Rated, but here goes, when I was a teenager, we had a pool in our back yard and after everyone was sound asleep I'd slip down stairs and out into the yard, shimmy into the pool, out of my bathing suit and swim for hours without my bathing suit on. It was heaven with nothing but the shimmery light of the moon above to see me. Almost got caught once though when my dad came home from a late night meeting I didn't know he was out on...but didn't.

2.) I grew up in the Country during a time when girls were not supposed to aspire to things that boys liked, and yet I was one of the first girls in our area to DRIVE a motor cycle. I got to be quite a fixture riding back and forth to college on my Suzuki with my long legs molded to the sides of that bike wearing hot pants and a tank top.

3.) I'm terrified of heights, but I'm also foolishly determined to never give up in the face of a I climbed up Bowman's Tower when I was a teen, a rather high lookout built during the Revolutionary War, a central part of Washington's Crossing State Park in Pennsylvania. Once up, though I had to get down, almost worse than the climb up, let me tell you. I had to press my back against the wall, with my palms spread out against it and inch my way back down while my girl scouts...yep I WAS their junior leader, laughed at me all the whole way. (Have no idea why I fear heights...I don't remember ever falling. I drowned when I was four, but didn't fall.)

4.) I got my very first kiss when I was seven from Salty Millard when we were playing hide 'n' go seek out in the corn field. Salty was an OLDER man. He was a very worldly nine.

5.) Do you remember my telling you about my fear of heights? Well that didn't stop me from accepting the dare my oldest brother Bob issued long before the Bowman's Tower spectacular. Climb a tree, he challenged me, his dark green eyes twinkling in a way that should have warned me. It's FUN, he added. I was too young for it to register in my head that he wasn't up there, so if it was so much fun how come he was still down here, on terra-firma?

You should know Bob was nine years older than me. I was eight to his seventeen. That tree didn't look so big next to him, but once I got up sure looked like the ground was a long way down. My Dad was not happy he had to come out lugging the ladder to help me down, but I learned there's a reason I wasn't born with roots growing out of my feet. I was not meant to be in a tree.

6.) I was in Romeo and Juliet in Middle School and the only cast member who had all my lines memorized...(The whole cast looked like those bobbing dogs you see in the back well of some people's cars. checking their palms, wrists and forearms for their lines.) Of course it might have been because I was ONLY the Night Watchman and didn't have that many lines I could get MY lines memorized...and yet....

7.) Speaking of my Freshman year in college I memorized our entire text book for Intro to Social Science for our essay final. This is a final that usually takes three hours for the students to conquer. I was done in under two, and yep, got me an "A". Professor had never run across anyone who could memorize a text book before. Because of me he changed his curriculum after that so no future student would get away with getting an "A" like I did. Don't know why he was so upset. I DIDN'T cheat! Have you ever tried to memorize an entire college text book?

And Now the second part of this award  I'd like to nominate seven more recipients for this award:

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Jolie said...

Congratulations Lin! You definitely deserve it. It's an amazing blog!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Congratulations Lin...I loved hearing your history...what a special way to learn more about a special friend:) Hope you're feeling better & better as you're recovering from surgery:)

I feel truly honored that I was one of your picks, Lin. You touched my heart:)

Blessings and Happy, Happy Holidays!!

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Congratulations, Lin. You deserve the award! Thank you for thinking of me and nominating my blog, too. Quite some time ago, someone else gave me the Lovely Blog Award, so maybe you could pass this along to someone else who hasn't already gotten it. Thanks for sharing the things about you. I read we have something else in common...owning a motorcycle! I had a 350 Honda and a 400 Kawasaki in my early 20's and turned heads with my long braids flying out behind me :-)

Victoria Roder said...

Congratulations,Lin! I love your site. It was fun to learn some new things about you.

Lin said...

What a joy it is for me to read all your lovely comments. Winning THIS award for THIS blog means so much to me. I started it because the reviews I saw came down heavily on the authors all the while writing spoilers. I am in constant awe of the talent I get to review. Thank you, one and all for allowing the opportunity to read and then share the wonder of your writing.

Jollie, your words release bubbling endorphin in my brain because they touch me that deeply.

Kay have covered my back with such gentle care.

Penny...I can't think of words powerful enough to tell you what knowing you has done for me, and I'm delighted to learn we had cycles in common. CAn you imagine us riding side by side back then? heart is swelling thinking about you. I am so lucky to be able to meet and become friends with so many gifted men and women thanks to the world we all create as Musers.

You ALL take my breath away.