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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, May 6, 2013



How many books have you read over the years you couldn't put down until you'd read the last line?

I've tried to put a number to this and except for the books written by my daughter award winning author Kat Holmes, I can only think of two before this past weekend...The first I read in eleventh grade, GONE WITH THE WIND by Margaret Mitchell and the second towards the end of 1999 THE LAST DAY by Glenn Kleier when I began battling cancer for the second time.

As of this weekend I add another

author180Lianne Simon to that small list.

The first time I saw this title I knew I HAD to read it...why? Because I spent the best years of my life learning from Special Ed Teacher and mentor Bill Riches and later teaching children born with Down Syndrome just as Bill did.

Lianne Simon has written a book that will touch every person alive because I have never met a single human being who has not suffered with doubts about who they were born to be...or worse, who they think they were meant to be and who those who should love us demand we pretend to be for them. 

I am not going to steal any of the powerful thunder of this book by giving away the story of Jamie/Jameson, but I will share this...I was born to an alcoholic mother. Right after I was born they had to rush me to burn off blood tumors her drinking created on my body with dry ice between each of my fingers and toes and one really spectacular one across the right cheek of my buttock.

Now imagine having this raw wound every time your body needs to pee inside your diaper. According to my mother I was not a happy baby. If anything I was a very UNhappy baby.

The scar across my butt didn't disappear the way the ones between my fingers and toes my body grew, it grew.

One of my most hated memories from my childhood is when I was growing up; company would come over, my parents would call me out to where the scotch and 4 Roses Whiskey was flowing without stop, and my parents would make me turn around, pull down my pants and bend over to show the devil's mark across my bottom...proving to one and all I was born the Devil's spawn.

Coming to terms with being "different" is never easy, but when your differences cannot be hidden...

Lianne Simon has created such a tale. She delves into the raw emotions so well I spent much of this past weekend in tears, remembering my own pain at not being accepted for who God chose to make me, and having to figure out this difficult world without the support of those who SHOULD have loved me.

Jamie/Jameson in some ways, was more fortunate because (s)he found herself, once her brilliant mind allowed her to escape into college at an earlier age than most young people, surrounded by people who finally DID understand her unique genomes.

I taught children born with Down Syndrome...I chose them because despite their challenges they showed joy in simple things, grateful for life's simplest pleasures...I learned more from them than I ever hoped to teach them.

No one walking amongst us is without their own insecurities...but junk is NOT in the Creator's blueprints and love should never be conditional. I believe those with OBVIOUS challenges are here to remind the rest of us what Angels really are.

Lianne Simon's book

CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE HERMAPHRODITE has given me several more angels to add to my list of those I am profoundly grateful to for finding their places in my life.

I guarantee you will not walk away from this book without feeling the same reverence for Jamie/Jameson's courage and capacity to give the deepest levels of real love that I feel.

To give this book less than

FIVE STARS would be in injustice.

Very well done, Lianne Simon. Your gift of sharing heartwrenching stories is most welcome.

This book is available through Muse It Up Publishing, and where fine books are sold.