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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Laughter...there are so many opportunities to laugh as this story 

GEORGE KNOWS makes you laugh until your sides are splitting, BUT our cunning author starts the laughs rolling with her name...

Mindy Mymudes...unless I'm five sheets short of a full sail the last name is a euphemism for My Moods! Am I right?

Moving on...GEORGE KNOWS is a story written for a target area of the young...Since in my earlier incarnation...okay it was THIS one, but back before the car accident took my career from me...I was a I feel amply qualified to read a book written with the young in mind since I'm looking at it from the point of view of a teacher trying to decide if this would make a good story to add to a required number of books for yearly lesson planning...and also from memories of my own years growing up it stirs into nostalgic life.

George is an exceptional dog who thinks very highly of himself, dismissing his humans (he calls them "peeps") lack of appreciation for him removing bad smells, as far as his well trained nose is concerned, with the "natural" aroma of his...well  his "tooting."

The world revolves around George...or it SHOULD. Anything that deprives George of strutting his 

Basset Hound elegance for all to oooh and ahhh over must be eliminated. 

Since George is the familiar of developing teen witch Karly...the little witch thinks of him as...horrors upon a "dog!" When will she learn?

This book took me back in time to my own younger days. I grew up in the Country...our founding father putting a mandate in the town's bylaws about no one building on their land unless they had over two acres of land and the maples planted on both sides of our one street that made this amazing canopy arc when they were in full leaf, could never be cut down...that's a NICE bylaw.

Karly's Auntie Heather may be the reincarnation of Elija Kirk, Wycmobe's founding determined is she to train Karly and George, while also keeping the nasty builders 

from turning the forestry surrounding them into modern eyesores for the uneducated peeps.

Will George be able to concentrate on something other than the food he just inhaled even though he can't remember it as he stares rather unhappily at his empty bowl, long enough to help Auntie Heather teach Karly, AND

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this story. My only regret is I had to read it in fits and starts because I'm recovering from spinal cord surgery. 

(I'm sending it to my Archives on my e-reader so I can call it up when I am no longer squirming and wincing with pain so I can reread it in one sitting.)

GEORGE KNOWS...yep...GEORGE KNOWS thanks to Mindy Mymudes knowing how to grab the reader makes us shake our heads with indulgence, laugh outrageously, and be very sorry to see it has reached the end. 

Ms. Mymudes, will George be back along with his NEW passion?

FIVE RIP ROARING STARS and a cheerful request...



BeastLover said...

I thought it was a delightful story! It was a nice little mystery with lots of true LOL moments. George is a funny guy. I like the relationship that Karly has with her aunt. There are some teachable moments as well, such as caring for a pet or a little brother, the importance of doing homework, and valuing nature. 5 out of 5 stars!

mudepoz said...

My last name really is Mymudes. My nickname is Mud, though. Probably because my kennel name, gardening name, and email are all Muddy Paws, or Mudepoz!

Thank you Lin, I'm glad you laughed!

Lin said...

OOPS...I was really hoping that wasn't the sheets for my sail jumping on the wind we've had here and flying to parts beyond the Gulf...Guess I'll have to settle for only sailing in the tub...when I can actually manage to get inside one...

Whoever made shower chairs understands the needs of the disabled but I still miss a nice long soak in the tub...if I thought for a minute I could get down and then back out I'd buy me a toy boat just so I could sail without my lost sheets.

Think about it Mindy...your last name is perfect for an it was predestined you were to become one. I absolutely love it!

So is there going to be a sequel for George and his Peep-family?