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Friday, January 31, 2014

NIGHT OF THE TIGER by N.J. Walters hits the Ladybug Lin and Kitty Cat Kat HOTSEAT REVIEW

Hades, demons and sadistic clowns, Oh My! 
Night of the Tiger
I'm trying, as I write this, to imagine Judy Garland cozying on up not to a Tin Man, not to a scruffy but timid lion, not to an adorable bunch of puff bodied Munchkins, but to a man-creature older than recorded time itself. 

N.J. Walters has stepped into the ever shifting sands of the Greek Gods of old, brought tendrils of their legends forward and told tales written in the past that must come to fruition in the present with such passion and danger you dare not stop to take a breath.

Demons, insane circus comedians, a goddess, long forced into mere skin and bones of her former self, and the Lord of the Underworld, too physically beautiful not to nearly blind you, and too evil not to make you fear the place you've landed inside his design with every skittering beat of your heart. 

My daughter, Kat Holmes is my resident Greek Mythology GENIUS. Since the beginning of HER writing career, she has been molding stories around the ancient gods, bringing them into these more modern...better?...times. Because of Kat when I see a new take on these ancient specters from times long gone, I find myself, like a magnet drawn. 

Can N.J. Walters, an author I have reviewed before and admire deeply, measure up to the already high standards I place on all story telling involving the God's my daughter knows inside out and upside down?

N.J. Walter's writing voice consistently packs a wallop worthy of trusting her to take us into the nefarious lair of the God of the Underworld, Hades. The far too gorgeously treacherous Immortal, Hades, is here, with creatures as flawlessly grotesque as he is exquisitely beautiful. 

Demonic things of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments pack the pages of this powerful walk, through, around, and deeply into, hell...and they are all bent on preventing the heroine from saving the hero N.J.'s demented deity Hades means to crush at all costs.

A-1 story telling.  A-1 writing talents. A-1 entwining of passion and fear. A-1 brilliantly layered journey into a high octane world of suspense...and love. A full package of anciently modern TNT.

FIVE STARS for Book One in this Hades Carnival Series, NIGHT OF THE TIGER.

Ms. N.J. Walter's series can be found at SAMHAIN PUBLISHING...dynmainc 
Night of the Tiger
cover by KANAXA, 

and where other top quality e-books and print-books are available. 


N.J.Walters said...

Thank you for the wonderful review. :)

Lin said...

Thank YOU for the powerful read. Looking forward to the next two books in this series.

J Q Rose said... my eyes opened at all the reviews. Great job and love those graphics. Keep them coming!