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Friday, January 31, 2014

THE FREEDOM THIEF by Mikki Sadil gets placed in the Ladybug Lin and Kitty Cat Kat Hot Seat Reviews

I am the granddaughter of a full blooded the reality of history is important to me...the trails, the tears, the heartache...the truth...without varnish. 

Too often we forget the carnage and heavy cost our ancestry has paid to get us to where we are today, the coin spent, still seeping deep into the bloodstained loam of the soil beneath our feet. 

Throughout history, cruelty has been masked beneath the guise of civilization and the muting of the winner's memories, but Mikki Sadil tells a story that pulls away all the layers of glittery gossamer and shows the stark savagery like it or not, we've built our todays upon. 

I grew up less than an hour from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I've walked those pain seared  fields and felt the emotions that still permeate the air above and the ground below...a place historians call the worse battle waged between America's divergent brothers. 

I think Gettysburg and the carnage surrounding that War Between States was the inevitable cry against mankind's beliefs that any god would give him authority over other humans, cruelly reducing them to little more than animals unworthy of human compassion and decency. 

This story is told from the point of view of a young boy, a son of the plantation owner, and best friends with a black boy his father is about to sell into an ever more merciless level of slave trafficking. 

 He must save, just this one family...ONLY one family...Failure CANNOT be an option. He MUST succeed. Our heroic boy sets out to beat the odds, traverse the dangerous lands of night and savagery always keeping his eye on getting his friend to that magic line between the ongoing brutality of slavery and the chance for freedom at the end of the long line.

Humans forget the lessons learned far too easily. To never repeat the cruel lessons learned from the past, we must never forget what those lessons were. 

THE FREEDOM THIEF reminds us and so much more. 

It should be required reading everywhere in the world...not just here in the United States. People are NOT possessions, and never should be.

FIVE STARS for this powerful children's book, and a 

HUGE thank you for Ms. Sadil. Long may your writing voice be a beacon for the rest of us.


Mikki said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful and touching review. I read it, and your history, with tears in my eyes. Thanks, Lin.


Lin said...

You're more than welcome, Mikki.