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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I love books...all my life I've had an ongoing love affair with books. My love affair is eclectic. Give me a good autobiography about...oh, Catherine the Great, or a spine-tingling thriller about Goddess manipulated vampires and I morph into contented Ladybug Lin mode. (I LOVE my job...getting to read the best of the newest talents and then in my reviews sharing my reactions with the rest of you.)

THE GINSENG CONSPIRACY came to me before it actually released...can't get much better than that can it? AND it turned out to be another bowl of yummy milk for the Ladybug to back-float in while my antennae were happily absorbing the electric charges from a story well written/told.

Multiple murder is afoot in the seemingly genteel world of the upper middle class community of Sudbury Falls. Kay Driscoll and her somewhat unusual friends and inattentive hubby,  paint the quest for truth with lots of interesting moments.(How DOES poor Kay manage to not have her eyes go blank, when he begins regaling her with the wonders of...making guitars after they retire to this idyllic town?)

Okay...idyllic may be a bit of a stretch, especially when murder becomes the topic and deed of the day and night. 

THE GINSENG MURDER is a cozy mystery, written by Muse It Up Publishing's Susan Bernhardt. I'm an avid cozy fan, but I've often wondered why they're called "cozy". Rarely are things "quiet" enough for my blood pressure, as I read on, to remain low enough to engender something as tame as the word "cozy" might suggest.

Ms. Bernhardt has fashioned a well crafted, fast paced journey into murder at it most wicked. do figure out who some of the players in this game of "Murder-Most-Rampant", but not all. Some will surprise you to your very roots.

A delightful romp...that happily is the beginning of the KAY DRISCOLL MYSTERY SERIES.

THE GINSENG CONSPIRACY released from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. just this past Friday, January 2, 2014...and what a delightful way to celebrate the New Year, because, if this is representative of the reading pleasures Ms. Bernhardt and her publisher have in store for us this year, where can I go to get season tickets?

THE GINSENG CONSPIRACY grabs you from the moment you look at the magnificent cover I am honoring with a 

Great Cover Award, done by Suzannah Safi, and won't let you go.

FIVE STARS for Ms. Bernhardt... and her tenacious sleuth Kay Driscoll.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to find my meerschaum pipe and 

Deerstalker hat so I'm ready when the next Kay Driscoll arrives on the horizon.


Cyrus Keith said...

I love that pipe! Not that I smoke. Quit in 1986. Anyway, sounds like a good book to dive into!

Lin said...

I don't smoke either Cyrus. I quit when Kat was I think 1980?, but the pipe is like stage setting...creating the proper mood for diving into another Susan Bernhardt...just as soon as she brings another one out. But you know what, for the best of luck I could always ask Linda to give your head a nice rub for me, right? I love your Pat Stewart glow. :)

Susan Bernhardt said...

Lin, thank you for the fabulous review. OMG! I am so thrilled that you liked the book and did such a wonderful write-up on it.

Thank you so much.

Mikki said...

Great review, Lin and Susan. As soon as I can talk without, coughing, Amazon and I will have a little, ahem, discussion about why they don't have my NEW Kindle ( # 3) listed, and why I can't order any new books. Then I will have this book to look forward to.

Susan Bernhardt said...

Thank you, Mikki. I love Lin's review! Take care.