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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Friday, January 31, 2014

THE GREAT FRUITCAKE BAKE OFF by Vicki Batman gets placed in the Ladybug Lin and Kitty Cat Kat Hot Seat Reviews

Writing short stories that don't leave you asking, "Okay, where's the rest?" are the hardest type of stories to write. The author must make the manuscript engaging, entertaining, and complete.

THE GREAT FRUITCAKE BAKE-OFF by multi-published author Vicki Batman does it so well, this is actually the SECOND of her books, almost in as many hours, I have read. To add to the magic of this one, it just took one of the 2013 TOP TEN Preditors and Editors Reader Poll awards in its genre. That's HUGE!

Who knew how hazardous making fruitcakes could be, but when your apartment complex conducts a contest for the best fruitcake every year there might be some so covetous of the winning ribbon they're willing to resort to things that hit way below the belt.

This is a short, fast, delightful story and definitely a Christmas Tale worthy of hanging onto you yearly Christmas Reading Tree.


Five Stars and a big old 

mug of eggnog. 

1 comment:

vicki batman said...

Wow! Two five star reviews. I'm in awe and totally appreciate it. Hugs and hugs,