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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Welcome one and all to the review site formerly known as LADYBUG LIN'S EXCEPTIONAL REVIEWS.

It really hasn't changed, but due to 

health issues I have to spread the power a bit. 

Today, January 30, 2014 is my daughter Kat Holmes' 38th birthday. Many of you know her as a multi-published AWARD winning author with Muse It Up Publishing...primarily on it's erotic side..and she CAN crank them out, can't she?

I don't know how many of you know she's got a photographic memory DESPITE her seizures or that she tests out in the 

genius level, plus is one of the fastest readers with full retention of all she's read every tester in the NJ, PA, DE corridor has ever clocked? (Seizures ARE a part of her world, but her brain is AMAZING! If you don't believe me, READ some of her stories...Like her debut Muse Murder Mystery, 

THE LIGHTHOUSE, her fantasy world steeped in perpetual ice and cold Artica Lights with 


REFELECTIONS OF ICE already out...If you like vampires, don't miss her Hekate's Web Series, with 


SEEKER already available. )

Anyway, you get my drift. As MY health heads a bit south, I did not want to let the many gifted authors we consider our friends and fellow travelers throughout these very busy seas of writing to lose this here we are with the 


KITTY CAT KAT debuting our new


Nothing will change, basically, except there'll be two of us to read, love, and 

review your books.

To those who helped build Ladybug Lin into the 3rd place winner in the recent 2013 P&E Poll as 


thank you and hope you'll stick with us in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.


Cyrus Keith said...

Happy Birthday, Kat my adopted little sister! And welcome to the party. Lin, you take care of yourself, now. Keep getting better, okay?


Susan Bernhardt said...

Lin and Kat, you'll make a great team for reviewing book. You already do for writing. Thank you for all you have done. Lin, please take care of yourself and as Cyrus said, keep getting better.

Happy Birthday Kat! I love your birthday cake. I hope you have a wonderful day.


Heather said...

Take care of yourself, Lin. I don't know where you find the hours in a day. Do you sleep?? Obviously your ticker needs a little nap.

Happy Happy Birthday to Kat.
Loved loved loved, Frozen. It's a great read!

Heather G - The Natasha Saga

Marva Dasef said...

Best wishes to lil' Kat. Happy Birthday, baby.

Lin: Please please please get better. If your speedy and complete recovery is influenced by a bunch of crazy writers, then you ought to be up and at it soon.

Lin said...

Thank you all. Cyrus...Kat and I have been so lucky in finding you and Kevin. Brothers like you guys are treasures.'ve become one of our NEWEST sisters. It was so easy to welcome you into the deepest folds of our Muse beloved ones.

Heather...if you think I operate with little sleep, compared to our Lea, I'm a slug. That woman leaves me breathless.

Marva...we've lost many of our original authors...but like Kat and I, you're one of our launchers....and know how much love, energy, and efforts we've all put into making Muse grow by leaps and bounds. Love you, and thank you...ALL!

Marilynn Tebbit said...

Congratulations, Lin, on the review award, and I'm horrified to hear how surgical things went wrong. I saw the snow in Atlanta on computer news. I hope you recover.
Marilynn Tebbit

Nancy M Bell said...

Hey Ladies

you guys are amazing and this review site will be amazing X2 get well soon Miss Lin and you take care of yourself too Miss Kitty Kat


Penny's Tales said...

First - Happy Birthday, Kat
Second - Huge congrats on the award for your review site, Lin. So many of us have been blessed by your wonderful words!

It's so awesome that now there will be TWO of you reviewing.

Lin, please take care of yourself, by resting or whatever else needs to be done!!!


meme Oliveri said...

This is a good change! Happy Birthday