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Friday, February 7, 2014

MINE by Bryan Fields Finds Its Way Into The Ladybug Lin and Kitty Cat's HOT SEAT REVIEWS.

BRYAN FIELDS...wizard of Steampunk novels...the mini-brand...and to prove it...take a look at this

Yes, it's true...he won 1st place in the 2013 P&E Readers Poll for MINE, his Short STEAMPUNk story. First place!!!! That's HUGE!!!!

Now that I've READ it from the opening word through the final denouement, I happily agree with every wise voter who made MINE the number ONE award taker. 

I must admit I had no idea what STEAMPUNK is, and in all honesty, I'm not a big fan of labels. What matters to me is how does it read? Is it a story I found enjoyable or so tedious I wanted to yank my eyelashes out by their roots?

I'm a fan of dragons...this story introduces us to a most refine, terribly elegant, well mannered...most of the time...gentleman of a dragon with the impressive name of COSMOGYRAL ECSTASIATE For that alone I would love Bryan Field's story...(I adore unusual one I chose for one of my own books, AHOISHMAHIR)...but there's so much more than a name here you won't soon forget. 

Steampunk, I believe is having modern scientific technology woven throughout a time frame when such technology/riches were only spoken of within the annals of Science Fiction...think Jules Verne.

Bryan Fields won the coveted first place in the 2013 P&E Readers Poll. There's nothing I can really add to those accolades and truly be fair to Mr. Field's writing skills.


Okay...FIVE STARS...yeah he deserves every single star in a five star cluster...and a strong recommendation to one and all you put Mr. Bryan Fields on your MUST READ List. 

I've already read his first Muse IT Up Publishing release, 

It earned a WOW times FIVE! 

To Mr. Fields...


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