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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS by John B. Rosenman lands in the HOT SEAT REVIEWS


Your average, run of the mill, Ladybug Lin here...and I just finished reading INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS by John B. Rosenman.

Although I am not a rabid Sci-Fi fan, I've found I'm a INTRIGUED Sci-Fi dabbler. What does that mean? For one thing it means I've had the opportunity to read stories written by the amazingly creative mind of John B. Rosenman...(And OMG...have your read this guy's resumé?)

Someone, somewhere once said...and I think it was Gene Rodenberry, there really aren't more than maybe four Sci-Fi themes. What brings them to life is how the author reweaves them. I don't know if that's true, but as I read this story I kept seeing correlations to an episode of the Original Star Trek TV Series. 

In INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS we have an agent of The Cross who spends most of his life...over 3500 years and counting floating around in space in a state of cryogenic...uhmmm...absence...while his AI controlled ship takes him from one end of the universe to another and from one mission...the search for the perfect the next.

His people, The Cross, have been in a perpetual war with the evil Cenknife Civilization. All The Cross needs is that one PERFECT weapon to end the stalemate war and allow its side to finally win.

The Cross seems to be founded, or guided by the words written in the Bible. (In the episode of Star Trek, the (GOOD) culture in it deified the words of The Constitution.) 
INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS aptly reveals the dichotomy of clinging, with blind, unquestioning obedience, to beliefs sanctified way back when. No system that expands over the generations into an empire avoids the inherent weakness in man's longing and designs for avarice, power, and all too imperfect perfection. This story shows that in spades!

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS is powerful, richly detailed, and despite being placed somewhere in the nebulous future, right on the nose accurate. 

John B. Rosenman proves again that he's a master at creating Science Fiction that grabs his readers, hangs onto his readers, and squeezes every emotion from his readers along the way.
INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS easily warrants the 

FIVE STARS I can do no less than rightly award it.

To John B. Rosenman, I bow before your skill, Oh Masterful One!

Well Done!

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