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Friday, April 25, 2014

THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY by Addison James lands in Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's THE HOT SEAT REVIEWS

What fun it is to visit with old friends again as they embark on a new-uh-misadventure in their journey down the meandering Highways and Byways of their love.

We first met Susan and Roger in 
THE BEST BAD DATE, revisited them in 
THE BEST BAD CHRISTMAS GIFT, and now find them about to share 

In this visit, poor Susan is about to spend 

Cupid's holiday lying flat on her belly after she and the throes of...well...immediate...unbridled passion, roll off the dining-room table, landing with a reverberating thud upon Susan's protesting 

tail bone.

As someone born with an extra vertebra, who sits, literally, and figuratively on my tail bone, Addison James' minute by excruciating second description of the pain Susan experiences reminded me of my first year in Public School.

I'd never been in a gym class before seventh grade...but I quickly learned a person who sits on her tail bone should never, ever, ever wear white gym shorts or do sit ups. (The tailbone, like a stone stropped sword, cuts through the concealing flesh leaving the butt bleeding and pain...lots and lots of pain screaming the full length of one's spinal column behind.)
Image of Addison James
Addison James is 


She brings to vivid life, the stark agony of a fractured tail bone, and the eye dropping embarrassment Susan exudes when she must tell the medicals how she came to fall off the table. It also shares the humor...eventually...such an accident evokes.

THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY is an excellent addition to the growing library of 



It easily earns another FIVE STARS.

Well Done Addison...

Question...What holiday will Susan and Roger share with us next? 


Susan Bernhardt said...

Lin, your reviews are always so great. And Addison I've never seen anything of yours but feel a connection. Best wishes on your new novel. If Lin and Kat gives it 5 stars it has to be a great book.

Addison James said...

Thank you so much!