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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MAD LOVING short story from NJ WALTERS lands in THE HOT SEAT REVIEWS of Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

MAD LOVING...a new short story by Multi-published, Best Selling author, 

NJ WALTERS has landed in THE HOT SEAT.

Okay all...this is me Ladybug Lin flying away from my spring hobby...flitting from 


to daisies, 

to daffodils, to bring you the latest review of books that have landed on...not my bursting rosebush, but my ever blossoming Kindle.

When I was a little girl and watched 

Jiminy Cricket sing "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR"  I wanted...oh how I wanted to step inside a fairy tale, cartoon, or other fantasy book lining my book shelves. 

It took a looonnnggg time for someone to climb inside my mind...okay maybe that's a stretch, but still...bring to me a book dedicated to my childhood wish...but one geared for...uhm...the more adult audience.

NJ WALTERS has given all of us such a short story in MAD LOVING.

His name is Nevar (raven spelled backwards) Hatter and he and his brother Rabb (short for RABBIT) run the trendy New York nightclub HATTER'S. She's Allison Lewis.

Stepping through the rabbit's hole...Allison, born and raised a Midwestern farm girl is not your typical modern, NY girl...but what girl could resist 

a Hatter with a tea party staged just for her?

MAD LOVING is a passionate cup of tea for all of us who once wanted to WISH UPON A STAR. 

NJ WALTERS has bestowed upon all us our living each and every one of us can REALLY imagine walking into. For that alone this will become a classic 

adult fairy tale...but it's so much more.

Ms. Walters knows how to make us drool, pant, and want more.

MAD LOVING an Ellora's Cave deserves every one of the 

five stars I award it.

Now that I am Hatterized, I MUST go now and find some nectar...Hmmm should I go for tu-lips, or morning glories? So many choices.

Ms. Walters...THANK YOU!

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Kat Holmes said...

I have read it and it is fantastic. Excellent book and great review. :-)