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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Elspeth the Living Dead Girl by Stuart R. West Lands in the Hot Seat

I love my job...I get to read, and read, and read to my heart's content, but being a voracious reader has some really scary moment...none scarier than starting a book written by an author I've already reviewed who's embarking on a new series. 

Hmmm....If the author is good you've already become so intimately acquainted with his/her previous books/series, you can't help looking askance because you've spent ages crouched on the edge of your seat waiting for the next journey with those well established can you feel the same about... NEW characters?

This is what I faced when I started this book, ELSPETH THE LIVING DEAD GIRL by 

Stuart R. West.

I'll admit I LIKED the title...who wouldn't? 

But I'd read and reread Stuart's Tex The Witch Boy Series...all of them...and I admit, I fell in love with Tex and his world...BUT...

I've fallen in love with other authors only to find when they branch out into new worlds this new place falls a tad short...disappointingly so.

It didn't take me long to realize I was not going to belly flop into that trap this time...the minute I read the name of Espeth's...I guess you'd call her OVERSEER, Miss Pillows...isn't that GREAT...I was hooked.

Elspeth is a saucy thing with a lot of attitude. I especially love one of the questions she gives voice to very early on..."Is it possible for me to die again?"

I don't do spoilers so all I'll say is this is a FANTASTIC opening salvo to a series that promises to be as engaging as the Tex series...I look forward to Elspeth's next assignment.

Well done Mr.'ve easily earned FIVE brilliant stars fo 


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