Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat

Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

HERA( Elei Chronicles) by CHRYSTALLA THOMA lands in the HOT SEAT REVIEWS

Both my daughter and I are Greek Mythology Fanatics, and Hera, Zeus' wife, The Queen of the Gods is the member of the God Coterie my daughter loves the most and defends as the MOST misrepresented of all...the skewed history showing her as nothing more than an evil, vindictive demoness.

Anyway, seeing the name "HERA" here was an instant lure...and since we''ve both read other tales by Ms. Thoma, we know her Greek heritage frequently flavors her tales....We were EAGER to grab this book and dive in. 
Image of Chrystalla Thoma
Oh My Dear Ms. pulled a FAST ONE! 

You may have latched onto us by using the name of your infamous Goddess, but this is so NOT  Greek tale of the wild ones atop Mount Olympus.

That said, though...OMG...and you ever the CLEVER one, Ms. Thoma.

By employing such a renowned name as the Peacock maven for your main character, you're automatically going to appeal to the Greek-ophiles among us...

Question is will we be disappointed once we dive into your story and realize we're not in Greek Godland? 



You're creative spin, weaving a story of power, science FUTURE and emotional roller coasting is nothing short of 


So I easily and with much appreciation award you FIVE Stars...and say...

Keep em' coming...We will follow where you lead.

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