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Friday, August 22, 2014


As an author myself of short works of fiction I KNOW how difficult it can be to flesh out your characters enough to make the reader care and make the rapid spiraling of emotions seem realistic. I think the author of short fiction has to have a BROAD understanding of the English language, words, and their many shades of meaning. I good short story author has to have the same kind of talent with a minuscule palette of words an artists must have with his/her being able to take one palette color and create a panorama of multi-shaded monotones.

When you stand in an art gallery and look up at a master's painting you'll see the many tones of blue the artist uses, but YOU won't understand why that shade of blue gives you a subtle chill up and down your spine, but the other one to it's right makes you blush or want to reach for the nearest hand fan.

Word Palette

THAT is what a gifted short story author brings to the over-all painting your mind will now interpret and either love, hate, or frown in confusion over.

Kay Phoenix has created one of the You're gonna LOVE stories.

I honestly don't know where you can find it...(I was lucky to find it in my inbox as a GIFT!!!

Can you believe how LUCKY I am? 

So I have no choice but to link you to one of this author's soon to be released book and hope you will be intrigued enough to track her down via this book 

Borealis Ardor...coming soon at Muse It Up Publishing

Kay's E-Mail

or...Ms Phoenix is an active member on the board of The Las Vegas, NV  Romance Writers and a member of the Kiss of Death and Women's Fictions Chapters of Romance Writers of America.

However...this short THE PLANE TRUTH easily qualifies for the 

FIVE STARS I'm awarding it...and Ms. Phoenix.


Thanks Ms. Phoenix...I'm gonna keep my eyes on you!


Kay Phoenix said...
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Kay Phoenix said...

Thank you, Lin! "The Plane Truth" is available here ( ) as well as Smashwords. Also, "Borealis Ardor" is available here ( )