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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ladybug Lin places DREAM WALKER by Mel Favreaux in the HOT SEAT REVIEWS

I, Ladybug Lin LOVE this author and this amazing series. DREAM WALKER is Book Three in one of the most powerful series'  I have ever had the fortune to locate.

Let me begin by saying I ADORE Christine Feehan...her Carpathian series, Ghost Walker, and finally her LEOPARD series have held a prominate place in my favorite all time books and get reread often enough you could almost accuse me of having them committed to memory.

Ms. Favreaux's series is moving right into that very same territory.

There are a LOT of shape-shiting wolf series out there to choose from, but this series is by far the best.

Let me explain why...I'm OLD and my body is riddled with pains. It's a GREAT book thaat can pull me out of THAT reality and keep me captive in an exciting alternate world long enough to have me read and remain captive, engaged, and enthralled...Ms. Favreaux has done that over and over again.

As I said, this is book THREE.

I can happily say I have committed books one and two to the MUST KEEP sections of my Kindle and am awaiting the addition of all future books in this realistic...yep, REALISTIC tales of the lives of Shape-shifting weres in today's modern world.

I would much rather get lost in Ms. Favreaux's brilliance than pharmaceutical mind numbing narcotics to treat my ever increasing pain levels any day...wouldn't you?

Here's the series in order.







A recent release...that is NEXT on my list of MUST HAVES


BLIND WALKER...released December 2014

And the MOST recent release, February 2015


For those of you like me who want to immerse yourse4lf all at one in EVERYTHING

Ms. Favreaux's publisher has wisely ALSO released THE SANCTUARY BUNDLE

It is with great conviction I award FIVE Stars to this book and yes, the entire series.
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If you love Christine Feehan you will LOVE Ms. Favreaux too.

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