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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Ladybug Lin places DREAM WALKER by Mel Favreaux in the HOT SEAT REVIEWS

I, Ladybug Lin LOVE this author and this amazing series. DREAM WALKER is Book Three in one of the most powerful series'  I have ever had the fortune to locate.

Let me begin by saying I ADORE Christine Feehan...her Carpathian series, Ghost Walker, and finally her LEOPARD series have held a prominate place in my favorite all time books and get reread often enough you could almost accuse me of having them committed to memory.

Ms. Favreaux's series is moving right into that very same territory.

There are a LOT of shape-shiting wolf series out there to choose from, but this series is by far the best.

Let me explain why...I'm OLD and my body is riddled with pains. It's a GREAT book thaat can pull me out of THAT reality and keep me captive in an exciting alternate world long enough to have me read and remain captive, engaged, and enthralled...Ms. Favreaux has done that over and over again.

As I said, this is book THREE.

I can happily say I have committed books one and two to the MUST KEEP sections of my Kindle and am awaiting the addition of all future books in this realistic...yep, REALISTIC tales of the lives of Shape-shifting weres in today's modern world.

I would much rather get lost in Ms. Favreaux's brilliance than pharmaceutical mind numbing narcotics to treat my ever increasing pain levels any day...wouldn't you?

Here's the series in order.







A recent release...that is NEXT on my list of MUST HAVES


BLIND WALKER...released December 2014

And the MOST recent release, February 2015


For those of you like me who want to immerse yourse4lf all at one in EVERYTHING

Ms. Favreaux's publisher has wisely ALSO released THE SANCTUARY BUNDLE

It is with great conviction I award FIVE Stars to this book and yes, the entire series.
Image result for five stars
If you love Christine Feehan you will LOVE Ms. Favreaux too.

Friday, October 10, 2014

ODIN CATS by Sandra Cox Lands in the HOTSEAT REVIEWS

I LOVE a good cat story, and this is a GOOD cat story. 

Sandra Cox has created a cat fantasy that will please the most discriminating of cat fancier. 

ODIN an epic, coming of age tale about a princely cat and the journey towards growing into his fur he must embark on.

I want to give this story FIVE stars, and I would except for a few mistakes that kind of pull you out of the story and make you question whether your mind remembers what it read...

There are two characters, one is Terra and the other one place Terra becomes Tara, in another Furrlin becomes Merlin.

Except for those two mistakes, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Therefore I award this CAT Rich story


Four and a HALF stars...

and a WELL DONE to Ms. Cox

And I LOVE the cover created by the very gifted Muse It Up Cover Artist CHARLOTTE VOLNEK.

Friday, October 3, 2014


I am so NOT the target audience for 

Buffy Andrews' Middle Grade Story, but I loved every moment I spent reading this rich story about the issues that make the teen years...mercurial, and a few extra that add to the many dilemmas of spirit, soul, good, bad, and OMG...beyond simply challenging.

Our hero, Frank has a skill no one else knows anything about, not his best friend, his teachers, his one! 

He's telepathic.

Growing up is hard enough when you have nothing more than the normal angst of puberty and advancing adolescence. Reading everyone's minds...and never allowing yourself to accidentally slip and blurt out something you should not "hear"...Oh Boy!

Nasty Nate is the school's vile bully. Most of his classmates are stuck on the receiving end of his cruelty, but Frank...Frank can sidestep Nate because he can READ the nasty piece of work's mind. 

That should be all Frank needs to bring Nate to his knees and get him good and caught...problem is to do so would expose Frank's skills to all...and that he just knows would not make his life easier.

Buffy Andrews has created a delightful hero in Frank and a coterie of heroes in his geeky friends...all of them victims of Nasty Nate's dark cruelty. 

Can Frank expose Nate to the adults and do so without exposing his own secrets?

This book was a delight for me even though I am long past the time when I was the target audience...but I understand how hard it is to be the kid with a "difference" when "normal" is what everyone expects from you.

I am not telepathic...mostly...

I'm an empath. (A dear friend calls me a 

"Prism" and even though I am well beyond the intrigues of middle, junior and senior high school, I REMEMBER...Even in my longer-in-the-tooth years beneath my growth belt, I remember what it was like "knowing things...FEELING things...drawing people to me because of my "SECRET" and how to this day a part of me shies away from it when a stranger will come up to me and say, "I know you. I need you to fix me.")

Any paranormal power has a price, a price few understand that makes for a lonely existence ninety nine percent of the time.

Buffy Andrews gave Frank a glorious sense of humor, a quirky obsessive spelling habit, and a conscious that draws you in, keeps you in, and makes you cheer the mini-paths he must navigate every day and with just about every one.

If you like reading stories that show the bully getting thwarted no matter how vile and cunning he's decides to be, this is a RIGHT PERFECT Book. 

How can I claim that...not being its target audience? 

I grew up to be a teacher...a teacher who has always been on the lookout for the kinds of stories my students would enjoy reading AND learn from. 

FREAKY FRANK fits on that list with ease.

Buffy knows her audience and how to fashion the words she uses to build her story with an adept skill she can appeal to a long-in-the-tooth-er like me with out dropping a participle or inappropriately compounding a sentence, and blow her target audience into fits of humor and high-fiving.

Well Done, Ms. Andrews

This is Ladybug Lin saying, FREAKY FRANK

has easily earned 


Ms. Andrews, now that I've been introduced to your storytelling skills, I am eagerly looking forward to my next trip into your growing library of delightful tales.

Thank you.


SHIFTING ALLIANCES, a sci-fi short by powerfully gifted suspense author KEVIN HOPSON caught my eye, captured my imagination and held me from the first word straight through to the finale'. 

In short stories the author has to be a true master storyteller because (s)he has to make you CARE, root for, and want to follow the hero-heroine in a time-frame few can flesh out ONE character well enough to make the reader want to hang in for the short-long haul, but in this book, Mr. Hopson gives us three...actually FOUR characters you can't help but fall in love with, root for, and cling to the edge of your seats for while the danger, drama, and emotional revelations unfold like a rich RED CARPET beckoning you to walk the entire length of it, and then when you reach the end, hope another length of carpet will be attached soon for a longer stroll.

SHIFTING ALLIANCES...Mr. Hopson if this is NOT 

BOOK ONE of a series, I think it should be...

I, Ladybug Lin, happily award 



and say...OKAY MR. HOPSON...when will you give us BOOK TWO?


I also have to praise Kaytalin Platt, the brilliant artist who gave Mr. Hopson this POWERFUL cover.

I HAPPILY award it My Cover ART award as well. 

Kaytalin Platt and Kevin Hopson...put these two gifted artisans together and how can you NOT have a WINNER?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thank the Merciful God of Fiction...there IS life after Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris and TRUE BLOOD.

I, Ladybug Lin, feared

...Boy Howdy how I feared. As a fan of CHARLAINE HARRIS' Sookie Stackouse series PRE-True Blood, I found myself 

lamenting the systematic gutting of a series I'd coveted since I'd read the very first book...

Dead Until Dark...I fell for the wicked series, so much I had EVERY book in both paperback and Hard cover...(what can I say...books are my ONLY addiction)...and even was excited about the TV series...TRUE BLOOD until the end of the first season...

Where, oh where was I going to find the same delicious adventure, passion and thrills I found with Sookie? 

I couldn't even bring myself to pre-order let alone read the series finalé Ms. Harris published after the debacle created by the TV series.

A hole...a HUGE hole exploded inside my reading soul...and I didn't have a clue who to fill it with...UNTIL...

From the moment I clapped my eyes on the first sentence Ms. Favreaux starts the prologue of this, SHADOW WALKER the second book in her SANCTUARY SERIES I knew I'd found a worthy successor to the series Ms. Harris' had ORIGINALLY given us.

OMG...this is 

GOOD!  Really, Really good...Now I have to go back and grab my copy of Book One WALKER'S RUN and put in for my pre-order of book three...DREAM WALKER.

If you LOVE 

WERE'S, will 

this series...and the way Ms. Favreaux will capture you and hold you spellbound...

She'll make you happily squirm in your seat while waiting for the next book too. 

Here's hoping Ms. Favreaux's writing career spans the length of time immemorial.


FIVE STARS for Ms. Favreaux...

and to Cora Graphics the creative eye behind the brilliant covers for 

TWO and 

THREE...I bestow my award for the BEST in covers.

Well Done ALL....Keep up the 



Walker's Run


Dream Walker