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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ladybug Lin reviews; GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE, by Debi Wilder

I believe this is the

second in the year long Muse It Up Author's celebration of the magical LACEY'S LAMP BAR series...
GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE by Debi Wilder, cover, like all the Lacey's Lamp Bar series cover, by Muse's Princess

Cover Art Goddess, Suzannah Safi.


The word looks simple; five little letters strung together to form that simple word...but behind the simplicity of the lettering combination the meaning of this word is far from simple.

Gabby Adams tossed the word into her private abyss along with the child, now absent from her empty womb because giving the depth of emotions attached to THAT word to the wrong man

shatters the world and all the emotions attached to it...leaving nothing more than a barely breathing shell of a person behind.

Feeling as grey inside as the turbulent clouds above her and the endless churning of the

relentless sea before her, Gabby enters the new bar,

Lacey's Lamp she could not remember passing, there upon that dismal wharf.

Lacey, a genie, the bar, her bottle, offers Gabby one wish.

What does Gabby wish for?

Her life back.

GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE continues the magical presence of Lacey, her "here-today, gone-tomorrow"

bar and the wish she puts into immediate action.

Debi Wilder's story is deeply touching,

heart enriching, and more joyous than the bubbles teasing your nose from a glass of champagne.

So I give Debbi Wilder and GABBY'S SECOND CHANCE

 Five Satisfying Stars. Well done.

AND I am eagerly anticipating the next book in the Lacey's Lamp Bar Series from trend setting

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: HAPPINESS GUARANTEED by Wendy Laharnar


I feel profound sadness now that I've finished reading

Wendy Laharanar's heartwrenching short Sci-fi story,

HAPPINESS GUARANTEED...incredible cover by Muse It Up Publishing's King Cover Art God,

Tiger Matthews.

This story makes you think about all the times over the span of your life you've said to yourself, "Oh what I would not give to be able to erase THAT from my memory, or not hurt because of THAT."

In this futuristic story, not only is it possible to do just that, it's almost the law that all emotionally active tendencies within humans be erased.

The people inhabiting this story are genetically created to eradicate all memories of a time when mankind lived with the imperfections of emotions.

Serenity is the law of the land...but as with any absolutes, there are glitches that slip through the well guarded cracks, and Bianca fits that definition to a "T"! heart feels so heavy right now, but the heaviness is a welcome affirmation we have not advanced to the point of the emotional sterility of Bianca's time.

Will she avoid extinction or does her time have worst in store for her?

I know the answer because I read it...and I repeat...I am feeling such profound


I celebrate this book and thank it and Wendy for reminding me why emotions and memories are valued gifts we are all fortunate to own.

Thank you Wendy, and please know it is with great humility I award your powerful short story,

5 breath affirming stars.

I eagerly look forward to reading more of your works.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews RELUCTANT COMPANIONS by Christine London

Christine London is without peer when it comes to creating ambiance. You feel the impact of a

coconut reverberating the length of your spine when it falls upon the balcony floor as you read it. You see the sun

sparkling as it plays tag with the drink the characters hold in their hands, and you smell the rich malted aroma of same in the air wafting the length of theirr respiratory system.

Reading Christine London is a

visceral experience for both your emotions and your less obvious sensory nerve endings. The scents she creates tease the fluttering hairs lining your nostrils, her symphony of sounds tap ever so sweetly upon the beat of your ear drums, and the

taffy-pull-like stretch upon your heartstrings leaves you weeping with joy and fulfillment.

Therefore I eagerly serve this powerful short story, Reluctant Companions,

5 HUGE stars.

Well done Christine. I hope you know you now have a devoted Christine London fan on your hands?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ladybug Lin reviews LET IT RAIN by Arlene Webb


Imagine being married for years and he's slipped into a routine of ignoring you because he's pursuing his

rising star?

It doesn't help you kvetch much when his rising star has brought so much

money you can indulge your loneliness every minute of every day relieving the mall of its inventory. But how much

retail therapy can one engage in to mask

the ennui?

Now bring a genie with her delightful bar, Lacey's Lamp Bar, that pops up out of nowhere into the mix with an offer of granting

one wish. What do you want?

You want it to rain hunky, sexy, turned-on men who won't pass your

cute little ass by or relegate it to the periphery of their industrious vision.

LET IT RAIN, a delightful introduction to Muse It Up Author

Arlene Webb, cover by Muse's Princess Cover Art Goddess,

Suzannah Safi, is a short, happy romp through a spreading downpour of men with bods to die for.

This book is a joy. I loved following Blaire, our heroine, through the cloudburst of "ripped" men and so will you.

Five Giddy Stars I give LET IT RAIN, and am looking forward to the next eleven adventures of The Lacey's Lamp Bar Series

Muse It Publishing is offering every month throughout the entire 2012 year.

Leave it to the Geniuses at

Muse It Up Publishing to leave us panting for more.