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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, December 31, 2012

NOT LONG AGO by Susan A. Royal is Ladybugged!

Everyone knows

magic played a HUGE roll in times gone by.

Alchemy...I remember watching

Merlin creating wild concoctions when I was a kid with an intense fascination with the man who taught

Arthur how to handle his sword drawing abilities.

Yep, alchemy,


Druidism, all seems to create a tapestry of the unknown that enchanted while making one also want to run, just in case the spells turned out to be unfriendly.

NOT LONG AGO by Susan A. Royal, with a dynamite cover by Suzannah Safi, brings all of that to the forefront in this compelling

Time Travel story.

Erin is down on her luck so she urges her friend Angie to find her a job...any job...temp work'll do..please.

That's how she ended up at March's home, a very eccentric author who goes through temps like you and I go through coffee grounds.

To say March's approaches to being a top notch author is erratic is more than an's even more than kind.

BUT unlike his procession of previous temps, Erin stiffens her spine and stands tall, mostly, no matter what.

Erin stays, her tenacity stronger than March's unconventionalisms...until March receives a box from his friend. Erin really should have followed in the footsteps of her predecessors and run.

March opens his box...Have you ever been catapulted back to the medeival period because you opened a box that comes in the mail addressed to you?

Unfortunately for Erin, she also gets catapulted right along with March.. How would they survive? And more importantly how will they get home?

NOT LONG AGO is a delicious story filled with enough twists and turns to keep the most avid solver of puzzles and conundrums delighted.

I HIGHLY recommend this book and readily give it a

five star kudos to Susan A. Royal*****keep 'em coming Susan...please?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A LITTLE CRUSHED by Viviane Brentanos gets the Ladybug Lin Treatment.

This is not the first Viviane Brentanos book I have read, so I've got some high expectations of her work.

In the past I've sat in the wings, an eager child waiting for the next installment from an author I loved only to be deeply disappointed...would that happen here?

A LITTLE CRUSHED exposes the darker elements deeply embedded in the human psyche when violence has claimed ownerhip over more than the scabs and spidery silver scars one sees reflecting back from the outer shell we have no choice but to let the world see.

Strip away the layers of tremoring flesh and the real scars, the ongoing elements of pain percolate...waiting like a time bomb to explode beyond the tenuous walls built up to contain them.

Rebecca Harding, eighteen, survived the unspeakable, but the cost of "pretending" she's recovered from the cacophony of mired emotions is taking its toll.

Max Jackson, nine years her senior is about to become her teacher and the catalyst for erecting the bridge between her past and her future.

Immediately Rebecca's hackles rise and two very determined heads begin butting.

Survivors of violence against women and children have a long legacy of residual pain that very few can begin to understand let alone articulate. Viviane Brentanos pulls aside the layers, letting all of us see the difficult process of recovery. She shows us with unadorned realism the safe guards and bulkheads victims erect to protect their fragile psyches from ever being vulnerable again, and what it takes to tear them down and build true foundations of healing.

This is a love that wages an uphill war with the memories of violence and the longing for "normal".

I will not do "spoiler" and give away any of the story's impact. To do so would be unfair to Ms. Brentaons and you, the potential reader. However, I would be remiss if I gave this powerful book anything less than


I promise the story will haunt you, enrich you, and enthrall you long after you've read the last line.

A LITTLE CRUSHED is available at Muse It Up Publishing, and where the best of tomorrow's classics can be found today.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

LUSCIOUS AND LETHAL BY Mary Raimes Curtis catches Ladybug Lin's Eye.

LUSCIOUS AND LETHAL...don't you just

LOVE a title that makes you smack your lips in anticipation while also making you wonder just how much of the "luscious" part is going to end up attached to your hips when you're done?

Okay...time to get serious.

There are books you choose to read that had you known the subplots you might have passed over...but in the case of this book, for me, that would have been a

monumental tragedy.

This is a story about a model, I and most "real" women around the world can get behind and cheer on...a PLUS-sized model with genuine curves...not rib cages sticking out with such stark definition one could play on them like a

dessicated xylophone.

Dani has lost just about everything to her rat-bastard ex-husband...a wannabe, but can't ever-be male model with a vicious streak wider than the failure streak tattooing the full length of his arrogant, lazy, over-rated ego.

Vulnerable due to the recent death of her beloved father, Mr. "I'm Too Sexy For Your World" jumps in, cons her with his "fake" compassion and solicitude, but the minute the ink on the marriage license dries, his inner

Mr. Hyde leaps to the surface.

With the divorce behind her, and only her one property, far from the glitz and glamor of

society's red carpet, left after HE lied through his evil teeth getting just about everything she'd worked her life to acquire...Dani is determined to rise above him and put her life back together. Unfortunately danger doesn't seem to be done with her...yet...BUT is the danger from her still demanding and sadistic ex...(the man cannot allow her to have ANYTHING)...or something else?

This is my second journey into the creative world of Mary Raimes Curtis. Her first book TAMING THE HAWK is a roller coaster ride through the Victorian Times when intrigue can be as close as the devil hiding behind the mask of friendship.

I wasn't sure how an author who'd excelled with historical intrigue would fair with a more modern suspense-filled story.

I needn't have given it a second thought.

LUSCIOUS AND LETHAL is a suspennse story at its best. It's a romance story at its most realistic and it will touch anyone who has had to climb over, around or under life's road pits along the way.

Top notch storytelling gets

FIVE GOLD STARS and deservedly so.

Well Done Mary..keep 'em coming.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews; TAMING THE HAWK by Mary Raimes Curtis

Emotions...That is the clay a good author uses to mold a story captivating enough to grab and hold onto the reader embarking upon a new journey...Mary Raimes Curtis shows an incredible mastery at shaping emotions.

Some would say

TAMING THE HAWK is an historical romance, but placing this book in the narrowed confines of that pidgeon-hole diminishes the wide range of emotions Ms. Curtis has brought to life with this story.

Yes....this IS historical romance, but there's so much more. I found it to be packed with intrigue, and suspense with a family torn by the autocratic high-handedness of the Victorian Era gentry, and the soft but persistent influence of a misunderstood waif they're all drawn to in spite of themselves.

I cannot recommend this book more highly and look forward to reading more from this gifted, labyrinthine sculptor of emotions that leave us, the contented reader, happily exhausted and totally satisfied.

Therefore I happily award 


FIVE BARKINGLY GREAT STARS and am off to find what else Ms. Curtis has crafted to tease the reading afficianado inside me.

Ladybug Lin Reviews:REFLECTIONS OF ICE by Kat Holmes













This book is jam packed with all of them.

This is Book TWO in Kat Holmes' amazing ARTICA LIGHTS series...(Book One...

Frozen won a 2011 P&E Award...and this one

REFLECTIONS OF ICE, carries on where Frozen took us last year.)

Last year we met

Awni, Queen of this land of perpetual winter, Brent the man that claimed her heart even after moldering a bit in her frosty dungeon...

Elric, her surrogate dad and top advisor...and

Tichi the god of Artica and Awni's real dad.

Artica is a land steeped in a rich history and even though it has none of the modern amenities we all just cannot imagine living without, I happily crossed back through the veil to visit

Artica once more as Elric, Awni's long suffering surrogate dad is forced into the dubious position of tending to his daughter-queen while she rages with the monumental hormonal tempers that come with being pregnant while worrying about his own sanity when the

mirror in his

bed chamber begins showing him the most captivating woman he's ever set eyes upon within its wavering layers.

Who is she? Is she real? Or is he losing his last grip on his mind due to Awni's difficult pregnancy and irrational, to him, mood swings?


And a MUST HAVE for connoisseurs of the BEST of today's journeys into



And I am keeping my eye on all future

ARTICA LIGHTS installments. Keep 'em coming Ms. Holmes.

REFLECTIONS OF ICE is availabe at Muse It Up Publishihng, Inc and where fine e-books are sold.