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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews LADY IN WAITING by Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz Review

I am an avid reader. There aren't many NEW themes and yet there are nuances to old themes that make the known, more than a little magnificent.

Lady in Waiting a short Muse It Up novel by

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz did that for me and more.

Imagine reading along believing you know what motivates the lead characters only to learn all is not as it seems?

This is a story about a time when kings and queens, princes and princesses married to form political alliances. But what if the Princess is NOT eager for the handsome Prince her father married her to to share her bed, or even look her way? And what if her Lady-in-Waiting, a cousin she ridicules at every juncture IS drawn to the Prince and he to her? Where can it lead?

Surprise...nothing stays with me as a reader more than the surprise element, and this story is ripe with surprises right up to the explosive finalé.

I have the greatest honor to award Lady in Waiting the top honor,

five (5) glittering stars.


Once upon a time, long, long ago...

How many times did we hear that opening salvo when someone read the fairy tales passed down through the generations to us as children? Even in some of our adult fantasies, they can and do begin "ONCE UPON A TIME..."

Fairy Tales are, I think, our first foray into love and Happily Ever After...simplistic love won through valiant deeds of derring do without question or delving into the escalation of how we become loved.

A CHRISTMAS SLEEPING BEAUTY takes an oldddddd tale and dives in to what really must have happened between the brave quest of the hero and his winning the heart and soul of the heroine.

This is an expanded version of Sleeping Beauty. The Princes peppering the fairy tales of old are one dimensional..."he swung his mighty axe cleaving a path through the hundred years of weeds, thorns and gnarled neglect." 

Lindsay Townsend decided..unh uh...just because he's brave and she's beautiful lying there awaiting his kiss, doesn't mean he can truly awaken her with that kiss until he has won her heart, suspended in her long slumber.

I LOVE this tale and since Christmas is my favorite season, delighted in Lindsay choosing to make this modern Fairy Tale for us grown-ups a Christmas event...

a Christmas Gift.

I gratefully accept your gift Lindsay, and thank you for wrapping it up in such enchantment.

It is with great joy I award this Muse It Up release, A CHRISTMAS SLEEPING BEAUTY

FIVE Wish-filled Stars.

Well Done Lindsay Townsend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews CITADEL OF WOMEN by Lisabet Sarai...5 STARS

The best reads, to me, are the ones that echo and rebound within you long after your eyes have absorbed the final words.

CITADEL OF WOMEN by Lisabet Sarai, is such a read.

I learned so much by reading this short story, I'm not sure where or how to begin.

Cambodia...a country steeped in history stretching back before modern practices and scarred by the mercurial disrespect of some who could not value its most intrinsic asset...its people.

Two cultures meet in this sweeping panaorama of Eastern majesty; Doa from the United States, a tourist, and Che, a guide.

Both come into the story's telling with their histories, (that cannot be altered)...hurts, and needs so deep they resonate from the marrow of one's bones.

Passion, steamy tendrils curling from the humidity squeezing all around them...woman and today...together...but what of tomorrow?

Citdel of Women has stayed with me. I ache for Che and Doa...they are real. I CARE about them, and that is what makes this a powerful story no one should miss.

So I am stepping up, a meager but avid reader, and awarding Lisabet Sarai, five thunderous stars for this book.

Citadel of Women is available at the Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore.


Edge of your seat storytelling...bite your nails to the quick tension...

EARLY RELEASE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR, by Kevin Hopson delivers that and more.

The world is a dangerous place and in this tale of prison system intrigue, Kevin Hopson holds you from the opening salvo to the resounding finalé.

I am not going to give away the content of this story, but I will tell you, you are there, smelling the acrid aromas of death row futility. You hear the cries of other inmates long after their unusual "vacation" from the endless inertia of waiting for Justice's sentence of  death to come.

You jerk from the deepest level of your soul at the inhumanity of those who transport these prisoners from one level of hell into another.

Kevin Hopson gives you a brief ride through the underbelly of the darkest worlds.

So, I award this story FIVE breathtaking gold stars. Well done Kevin Hopson!

EARLY RELEASE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR is available at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. BOOKSTORE

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


She's my daughter...

so of course I am going to brag...but she's more than that. In this explosive business of publishing, with the field as vast and diverse as it is, she won the top

TEN placement in her category, Mystery, with her 2011 Preditors and Editors Award.

This is especially HUGE because her book only went up for voting FOUR days before the deadline...but it STILL zoomed up to number TEN. That's pretty amazing.

She won her 2011 P&E Award for THE LIGHTHOUSE, her very first release with

Muse It Up Publishing, this is JUST the beginning.

THE LIGHTHOUSE is an ethereal murder mystery that will grab you from the first sentence and hold on tight until the surprising finalé. 

Kat Holmes has proven she is a writing force that'll keep us all on the edges of our seats whether she's writing about ethereal murders, modern day Olympian gods facing today's financial crunch, or developing an alternate world where ice and perpetual cold challenge those who call it home.

But Kat is far from June she is introducing a brand new series, aptly called Hekate's Web Series with it's debut HIDDEN, a

vampire series with its own unique twist on the creatures walking the treacherous nights.

Sometime this coming year, she will also be releasing, in collaboration with me, L.J. Holmes,
2010 Fifth Place
myself an author and 2010 P&E Award winner, HER LAST DAY.

Daria awakens on a day that will change the lives of everyone in Pompeii. Through her eyes we live the events...will she be one of the few survivors?

Currently the following books by Top Ten, Award Winning Kat Holmes are available via MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING, INC.

Kat, is currently running a contest to give away

TWO copies of her debut Vampire series, HIDDEN, and can be checked out at her WEBSITE.

In order, here are ALL Kat Holmes' current releases...all available from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.


2011 Pearl Nominated and 2011 P&E winner. (Paranormal mystery-romance)

FROZEN...Journey into the first release of the ARTICA LIGHTS series, where

Awni is the queen, Tichi is the God and Brent falls through his version of Falling Down The Rabit Hole.

WORKING UNDER COVERS...The gods of Olympus are used to the plebian mortals leaving gold, fruits, hides of the hunt, and all sorts of other wealth at their ostentatious temples, but modern man is hurting under the crunch of poverty, so Zeus sends his many relations down to toil among us so they can keep him in his gilded luxury. Aphrodite's story opens the doors to this increasingly dynamic series GODS AT WORK.

HEART OF THE QUEEN...She is Hera, ex-wife of that notorious philandering sack of god-hood. She has been badly misrepresented throughout myth and legend. Today she is a midwife, here among us, shining in a way Zeus never expected. Welcome to Book TWO Of the GODS AT WORK SERIES.

DANGEROUS VOICE...she cannot get financial aid for her Ivy League bound daughter...what's a mother to do? Run a passionate phone line...but that can lead to danger...and then what?

IN DEATH'S ARMS...Book THREE in the Gods At Work Series, He is Hades, god of the underworld, but he's so much more. Master artisan of the jewels and gems from the earth, Hades shows us what the legend of Cerberus has kept us maintaining a huge distance from.

CRIMSON WATERS...Book FOUR in the Gods At Work Series brings us the god of all things water, Poseidon. Owner and operator along with his ex-wife of a swim club/aqua rehab facility, Poseidon shows us just how delicious water can be, and how quickly the Kraken can rise.


In June 2012: HIDDEN...Book One of the HEKATE'S WEB series. 30 years...makes her a newbie...right? A weakling compared to those who have walked the dark side for thousands of years, developing their powers...right? Or does it? Lilith is 30, but what else is she?

In November: HANNAH'S WISH...the November offering from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.'s year long multi-authored series Lacey's Lamp. Hannah's wish...well it's for November. Can you guess?:

In December: REFLECTIONS OF ICE...Book Two of the ARTICA LIGHTS SERIES...Through the portals magic happens all under the direction it

Tichi the god of Artica,

or the mysterious lights, Awni, the Queen of Artica, or a force no one is yet aware of?

Also releasing in 2012 in collaboration with me, L.J. Holmes...HER LAST DAY...Daria awakes on that fateful morning in Pompeii...How will her day progress? Will she be one of the few to survive the anger of Vesuvius?


FEBRUARY 2013...also in collaboration with me, L.J. Holmes...ONE NIGHT STUD...what is a centaur shapeshifter to do with only one night to find his mate, a human, and convince her to spend her life with a man high on the hooves?

Follow Kat Holmes' creative won't be sorry.

Kat can also be followed at her BLOG and via her Blog Talk Radio show. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews WAR-N-WIT,INC. By Gail Roughton FIVE GLITTERING STARS

Gail Roughton.

She writes with authority, taking you right into the behind-the-doors world of a busy,

high profile legal practice with loads of Southern Charm operating as we speak in the state with the peach on its

license plates, Georgia.

She shows you the process many of us struggle with when the "POWER" of magic begins making itself impossible to ignore or rationalize as "coincidence" any more.

Confusion, surprise, and awesome responsibility come with awakening to YOUR real core...that of being a soul-certified

witch with incredible talents.

Magic...that's what it is, and that's what

Gail Roughton gives us in abundance in this short, powerful debut...

(Doesn't her magical self show in the delight reflected in the eyes of her grandson? Oh can you imagine the wondrous tales she has shared with this lucky young man?)

Thank you Gail for a delightful read. It is with joy and utmost honesty I award this entertaining Paranormal series debut

FIVE (5) Golden stars of excellence. (I'd have given you Five gold WANDS, but I couldn't find such an image...and believe me I looked...I'm gonna have to see if I can get someone to design a Five Golden Wands Award for me.)

Until then Here's Five For you and your enchanting tale WAR-N-WIT, INC.

To learn more about Gail and her Southern Magic, check out her blog at

And Gail...Well Done...Keep 'em comin'!

Since I can't give you five gold wands, here's five MAGIC wands until...