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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: CELEBRITY IN DEATH by J.D. Robb

Should the

Ladybug take on reviewing one of the top New York Times Best Selling authors?

Hmmm...the whole idea behind reviewing is to rate what you

read and I just gave myself a bit of a vacation so I could read this book I got the day I finally found the time to get Kat and me our

library cards.

I must admit reading

spines whether in librarys or bookstores is never easy on these

old eyes, but I was able to find

J.D. Robb in the Sight Saver section and grabbed it.

I am an avid fan of J.D. Robb. In fact I love J.D. Robb more than Nora Roberts' more recent offerings...and that may be because I've outgrown the kinds of stories Nora Roberts creates...but I must shake my head at that because the intensity of emotions existing between

Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke her hunky husband is


It's also...sometimes...difficult for someone who's survived abuse. Any books in this series that deal with Eve's Dallas roots I know I should probably give a wide miss to...but this book,

CELEBRITY IN DEATH takes place AFTER a Dallas, Texas focused book. So I thought...hmmm can I take a chance on this edition?

Eve is the focus of a blockbuster book written by her friend Nadine, a snazzy, in your face,

 about one of Eve's more volitile cases...and now it is being turned into...can't call it a movie...not in the year it's a vid.

The book opens with Eve and Peabody, her incredibly entertaining partner in

crime solving visiting the set and

scratching their heads over the incongruity of watching their doubles playing out the events of this former case.

The banter betweeg Eve and Delia Peabody is one of the things I

love most about this whole series, that and the developing love between Eve and Roarke, Peabody and her skinny McNab, and yes, even Eve and whether she wants to or not, Roarke's surrogate dad, Summerset.

The cast of characters/family surrounding Eve is growing, and each new member brings another layer to the person we are learning Eve really is.

I am not going to give this story away...except to say, Eve must

investigate the murder of the actress playing Peabody. Both women, Eve and Delila must deal with murder, and the oddity of the victim and all the potental murderers looking all too strikingly like Eve and Peabody's own

 immediate circle.

Nora Roberts writing as

J.D. Robb is brilliant. She brings, intelligence, humor, power, and the hottest love available in any medium to her books. I hope Eve Dallas, Roarke and the crew attached to Dallas' New York City Police and Safety Department world never ends.

FIVE STARS...without doubt, this book deserves five satisfying stars...more if I could award them..and hey, it's my blog and I AM Ladybug let's make it ohhhh

TEN STARS. Five For Eve and Roarke and five more for Peabody and McNab.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews:THREE MILES BELOW by Kevin Hopson


cover art by the amazingly gifted Marion Sipe; this is a short suspense tale by multi-published

King of Spine Chills, Kevin Hopson and is another Hopson winner.

Not that long ago the world watched the rescue of miners trapped miles beneath the surface with baited breath and angst filled anticipation.

But we all watched from the safety of our television, above the dangers threatening the lives of men who daily risk their tomorrows miles below our realities. This is a story about such men...

Three of them...we open our focus on them AFTER an earthquake has isolated them three miles down.

Do they stay and hope the situation above ground is not so rife with destruction and confusion and will allow for their rescue? Or do they assume the is up to them to make the long, dangerous trek, through the debris and aftershocks and hope their generator still works well enough once they reach the elevator shaft, to take them the rest of the way to the surface?

Here, within my rapidly increasing heartbeat, my eyes darting across my Kindle screen,  

and my bones clacking nervously, I LIVED the climb...I felt the dangers and ultimately was awed by the surprising ending.

Kevin Hopson truly is a

KING at grabbing me, his reader, tightly in his story telling fist and squeezing every imaginable emotion from my body and soul...and I do mean EVERY emotion...I never would have suspected, given the level of danger, to laugh, but Kevin made me


Thank you Kevin Hopson for making me ride your version of an emotional roller coaster.

It is easy for me to award THREE MILES BELOW

five stars.

Like Kevin's other edge of your seat suspense tales,




THREE MILES BELOW is available at Muse It Up Publishing and where quality e-books are sold.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ladybug Lin Reviews: STARING INTO THE EYES OF CHANCE by Kay Dee Royal

Sometimes it's really

difficult for me,

Ladybug Lin to give a review once I've

read a book that is so powerfully written I'm left with no breath to inflate my lungs and because of that, a sorry state of oxygen deprivation settles into my inadequate little brain cells. THAT is the state I find myself in right now.

Staring Into The Eyes of Chance, by Kay Dee Royal does the shows why it is so dangerous to

splice together the DNA from two species and pour them into one body.

Kay Dee's story brings to vivid and often

painful life the two sides of the

Lycan dimension. Chance is Lycan and even though he looks young, vital, and sexy as hell, he's a bit long in the tooth, compared to humans...over

three hundred, and has yet to find his mate.

During his many decades, Chance has become a member of the Lycan

legal system and that is what brings him across the Big Pond to America..he's tracking an

evil Lycan.

There are stories and authors...

...because they have the ability to make you cringe and still want more while describing vile acts you hope never to experience yourself, or if you have experienced them, hope to never experience them again.

Kay Dee

brings to the Lycan world, the same power Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon bring to the world of

vampires. You so want to turn away from the horrible and degrading realities they give those worlds, but you can't. You're effectively ensnared in this world that is extremely violent, but flip the coin and it's also extremely


Over the top loyalty to one's mate...cheating not even considered...Imagine NEVER being cheated on? Imagine your mate tearing the world apart to bring you back to the safety of his passion?

THAT is what Kay Dee Royal brings to life in this book,


There's no reference to a sequel, but I KNOW Kay Dee won't be able to stay away from Chance's Lycan world for long...just as I want to return and despite the bone jarring violence, find out what becomes of

Smoke, the villain in this piece.

Therefore, as a fan  of both Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and by acknowledging Kay Dee's right to join their ranks, I give STARING INTO THE EYES OF CHANCE

FIVE Brilliant Stars!

Well Done Kay Dee.

STARING INTO THE EYES OF CHANCE is available via MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING and wherever fine e-books are sold.