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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A STEP SIDEWAYS gets Ladybugged

Ladybug Lin is at it again...reviewing

A STEP SIDEWAYS by Nancy Marie Bell.

I must admit I fell in hunger for this book the minute I saw the cover. I knew I would be pursuing it. Luckily the cover honors the story very aptly.

This is book two in Ms. Bells' THE CORNWALL ADVENTURE SERIES...with LAUREL'S MIRACLE being Book One.

Book One focuses primarily on the adventures of children. This one continues with most of the children from Book One, but briefly. Gort the hero of this story steps into a world beyond his imagination after he is brutalized to within an inch...maybe...of his young life.

Gort rises from

his bleeding shell into the life of

Sir Gawain, one of the Knights of

King Arthur's realm and an adventure beyond Gort's wildest imaginings.

I am a fan of Arthurian England. From the time I was little I played and replayed the Broadway album of Camelot until I think I wore it through and through. I imagined living aside Arthur, his knights and the pagentry of Camelot...

This is NOT a feel-good Broadway IS an adventure so realistic I expected to see

Merlin popping out of my

Kindle taunting me about my eagerness to follow Gawain and his trusty war steed, Ailim.

I LOVE this story even though I am an adult and it is geared for the young readers.

Guess  I'm younger than I thought. (wink, wink)

I KNOW this is not the last book in this series...thankfully.

One thing missing from so many  of our lives is

MAGIC...but Ms. Bell gives us MAGIC in abundance.

Ergo..I happily give this book

FIVE magical stars and am eagerly looking forward to more.

Ms. Bell's books can be found via , and everywhere excellent e-books are available. Her first in this series
LAUREL'S MIRACLE is also available in print along with a teacher's guide book.
Nancy Bell
Ms. Bell can be followed on her website.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013




Nancy Marie Bell was written for the

Muse It Young Imprint at

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc...which suggests it's for the young...but I say it is ALSO for those of us who enjoy a good story that will remind us of how wonderful it can be to be young at heart.

Magic, sacrifice, soul abiding love, loyalty, and the core of the earth framing the foundation for all of us to walk upon her varying faces, pulls the reader in and happily holds on.

Laurel is on a journey to find a way to save her mother dying from cancer...she's joined by her three new friends and creatures you heard about in tales of ancient myth and legends.

No matter how old we get, we all need magic in our lives...and this book expertly written by Ms. Bell delivers

magic, wonder, and all the best emotions we can find in the deepest places in our hearts and souls.

I highly recommend Ms. Bell's book LAUREL'S MIRACLE and award it


As a retired teacher I ALSO highly recommend this book to all me this book BELONGS in your lesson planning. The messages it gives are worth the inclusion.

Ms.  Nancy Marie Bell's books can be found at  MUSE IT UP PUBLISHING and where other fine e- and print books can be found. Ms. Bell herself can be found on her WEBSITE.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Embracing Silence (Project Alpha, #1)

This is the beginning of a trilogy (Project Alpha) from Best Selling Author N.J. Walters and Elloras Cave...and 

OH WOW what a debut it is!

Tienan is an

Alpha...but not an alpha werewolf...the alphas I am most commonly used to. Nope...Tienan is an alpha science project...A.K.A. weapon created by

"mad science"...and

warped government some not too terribly distant (2133) future.

The problem when science decides it can "create' that which should be left to whatever creator we credit with creating all that is, is if you fail to add in "free will" you're creation is going to BACKFIRE on your sorry

element charts every single time...and that is what happens here with Tienan and his best bud, fellow alpha creation, Logan.

Also, the powers that take on the diabolical roles of "creators of biologics, are at their very core meglomaniacal monsters...and those who fund them...arrogant people with more money than functioning

gray matter.

This is a short story of raw power intertwined with souls in alleged machines that possess more humanity and honor than the so called humans creating them do.

An A-1 read all the way around and a book most definitely deserving of a


 I am so in awe of Ms. Walters talents and this story line. I am eagerly looking forward to reading Logan's story in Book Two of this masterful saga.

Thanks N.J.

To check out more of Ms. Walters amazing books head on over HER WEBSITE.

Monday, February 18, 2013

DEAR ANGEL by Adelle Laudan gets LADYBUGGED

This is the sequel to SNOW ANGEL by

Adelle Laudan which means this is book two in the Jack and Jenna story.

I have to admit I have not read

SNOW ANGEL so was curious to see if this book could stand can!

In this book, Jenna is the daughter of a cruel, wealthy man who's on his deathbed...and the rat-scum waits against normal odds, until his estranged daughter is pulled from the happiness she found in

SNOW ANGEL for her to arrive so he can viciously use his last breath to disown her...and yet the vile scourge still leaves the wealth she really has no desire for to her anyway. He also leaves her with the shock of discovering she has, via her dead mother, an older half sister...a high functioning person with Down Syndrome he's paid to keep institutionalized since before marrying Jenna's mom.

As a former teacher with a masters degree in Special Education who felt honored to share the magic these incredible people bring to life, I was enchanted with Angelina, Jenna's older sister, and Ms. Laudan's creating a book letting the rest of us see why they are such delightful people. However, not everyone working with these precious gifts are honorable.

This is Jenna's story of connecting with her older half-sister and the potholes some less than scrupulous and the many terrified of those unscrupulous place between Jenna and Angie building a bridge between them.

As a former teacher of children born with the challenges that come with Down Syndrome, I was delighted Ms. Laudan chose this as her theme...and pleased she presented two sisters, one society's definition of 'normal" and the other, radiating for one and all the excellence existing beneath the so called "shell."

I am HONORED to give this book DEAR ANGEL and Ms. Laudan


Thank you also Ms. Laudan, for taking me back to a time when I learned so much more from my precious students than I ever could have taught in particular...ZACHARY..."I know you've passed over, Dear Boy, but I have never forgotten you...or the sound of your laughter."

This book is available where fine books are sold...Follow the link to the DEAR ANGEL BUY PAGE for this wonderful book.