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Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

FIREBORN FOUND by Mary Andrews gets Ladybugged

This is Book One in

Mary Andrews' The Fireborn Chronicles, and my introduction to characters I knew I recognized but wasn't sure why.

Ms. Andrews introduces us to the crew who will one day form the central "family" manning the ship known as "Nemesis."

Each is brought in to join Rael, the Captain, a man with incredible skills for an event that will make or break them somewhere in the nebulous "yet to come."

Ira, a man with skills that allow him to intertwine with your basic, I guess DNA, emotional and physical, comes on board next...otherwise known as a dreaded Wall Master.

Laynald, The King's Healer follows...a healer, who also happens to be an assassin...what a UNIQUE combination.

Is the future READY for these three and their ship?

And what of Tristen, the mind seducing slave who claims to be one of the CHOSEN? What's a Chosen?

I found myself happily lost in the fast moving world of Ms. Andrews' future. Rael's differences set him apart, and yet, his heart makes you love him all the more.

I do not do spoilers, so I won't give any of the events away, but I will tell you, I am looking forward to Book Two: The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances and it's calling to me from my waiting Kindle as I complete this review.

Therefore, I Ladybug Lin, take great pleasure in awarding The Fireborn Chronicles: Fireborn Found

FIVE BLAZING STARS and say KEEP "EM coming Ms. Andrews.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Some of my favorite heroes have been tarnished, or not considered heroes at all. For instance Jesse Stone as written by the late Robert B. Parker, or the dark hit man with a core of ethics Hawk, also as written by the late Robert B. Parker.
GREEN FIRE brings us another such multi-faceted character...there are moments where you don't know whether you want to ring Victor's neck or wrap your arms around him and soothe his slightly warped outlook on life, money, and love in general.

What do you do with a man who's spent his jaded adult life earning money the only way he thinks he can...exploiting his studly looks by selling himself to wealthy matrons willing to keep him, for a time, in the style he thinks he should have been born in to?

Into this frame of entitlement he discovers the lure of green fire...

emeralds, and the allegedly easy money he can suddenly acquire if he's willing to bend the rules a tad more than he already bends them.

Trouble is he's finally met a woman he really, really wants admiring him for more than his studly skills...but will she if he follows the evil force behind the wealthy trail the emeralds require?

Joy Smith has written a riveting tale that shows the many levels of a man's growth...and shows that growing doesn't always take place in time.

Sometimes you learn the brass ring has far more value but too late to really grab onto it and claim it for your own before it disappears. Will there be a last minute reprieve?

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book. I learned a great deal about the mindset of gigolos and the women who keep them.

There was a man who lived in the neighborhood I grew up in who grew orchids. Ms. Smith brought back pleasurable memories from a time when I'd stand and avidly watch this neighbor tend with loving care those exquisite beauties.

All in all, this is a journey any lover of raw suspense will I happily award

FIVE pulsating Stars...and thank MS. Smith for taking me back to a pleasurable time inside a greenhouse filled with the exotic perfume of the richest flowers I have ever seen. Follow the link above to the direct Muse It Up Publishing House Buy Page and learn more about this powerful book and author.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

REFLECTION by Kim Cresswell gets Ladybugged

The first time I read Lisa Scottoline I knew I was in the presence of an

expert...a woman with an intimate knowledge of law. That's how I felt as I read about investigative reporting as told by Kim Cresswell in her book

One of the things I LOVE about this book is it's a fast paced, high energy, on the edge of your seat, nail biting suspense story, told by a woman. It is just so empowering that her heroine, no matter how terrifying life has suddenly become, digs deep, finds her core of courage, and plows on.

This is one of the finest suspense stories I have EVER read...and in the long run it's not gender directed...I don't care who you are, if you suddenly found yourself at the center of as many attempts to bring your life to a fast, painful and dramatic end as Whitney Steel does, I don't care who you might be, you're gonna be shaking in your boots...that Whitney doesn't turn tail and run, that she knows to save not only her own life, but the lives of those she holds dear, she cannot run from the darkness on her tail, shows incredible strength, resilience, and yes, depth of responsibility for all those her life has touched and will touch.

I am in awe of Kim Cresswell. The way she ended this book, I'm almost certain there will be more Whitney Steel stories coming our way, and I for one am going to be on her band wagon watching for them.

If you are looking for the best of the newest authors, the up-and-coming STARS, you HAVE to try Kim Cresswell's Reflection...You won't be sorry.

Five Stars I give this book.

Reflection is a recent release from Muse It Up Publishing, but can also be found at and where other top notch e-books are available.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

NEW BEGINNINGS a short-short by Kay Dee Royal gets Ladybugged

All too often in the busy ebb and flow or cataclysmic rise and fall of life stories we have in our

TO READ list get passed over, forgotten, or otherwise shifted upon our piles of the many things we mean to get to but the pile keeps getting bigger and bigger until it takes an intervening event to bring the original MUST READ back into the prominent position.

That's what happened here. I have had this short, HOT read NEW BEGINNINGS from Kay Dee Royal for a while, but life took its many bumpy turns. The other day one of our cats took a flying leap, like a wanna be

Super Kitty, minus the cape, across the room, landing on a pile of my folders, scattered them far and wide, requiring a massive cleanup.

I was not overly happy, but hunkered down and what to my wondering eyes should appear...


I have read Kay Dee Royal's books and loved her paranormal telling voice...this one is no different...if anything it is all the moreso because it IS such a short story to tell such a POWERFUL story!

Instead of Werewolves, Kay Dee takes us into the realm of vampires...two actually...who've been separated a very long time...five hundred years...on the eve when the female vamp is weary...can no longer figure a reason for not facing the sun and the end of her long, lonely existence.

I never expected the twist Kay Dee brought into her vampire world, nor the power she managed to instill with so little effort, background, or detail.

This story proves Kay Dee is truly one of the most gifted authors swimming in that huge literary sea out there today. I do not know how you can get your hands on this particular guess is you'll have to contact Ms. Royal herself, BUT I am reviewing this story and posting my review because any author who can touch me this deeply in less than six pages deserves all the praise I can muster upon her...and a following...


NEW BEGINNINGS and may I recommend you check out Kay Dee Royal at her publisher Muse It Up Publishing and at She is also available where fine e-books are available as well.

At this moment I KNOW she has these books available:

Big Girls Don't Cry Wolf
How To Net A Prince

One PLus One

Staring Into the Eyes of Chance
Savage Smoke

Saturday, June 15, 2013

LIES AND PAINE by Cyrus Keith gets Ladybugged

What an arrogant excuse for a fan I am.

I have read every book in Cyrus Keith's phenomenal NADIA PROJECT series beginning with Becoming Nadia, moving on to Unalive, culminating with Critical Mass...So when I discovered he'd written another book, this one a PRE-QUEL called
LIES AND PAINE, I actually snorted...most unattractively, and expressed my doubt by saying, "What could he possibly have to tell me about Jenna Paine I haven't already learned in the previous three books?"

Oh the sheer arrogance of my question. Knowing the wealth of Cyrus' creative genius I should have guessed he truly had a cornucopia of details about the woman/operative known to Cyrus' fans as Jenna Paine just waiting to grab for another action packed ride.

For instance, I thought I understood the motivations behind Jenna's mother, the inestimable Dr. Meredith Paine...but I learned very quickly, Dr. Paine possesses a far more complex personality than I'd ever expected. Admittedly, I still wouldn't want her to be MY mother, but Cyrus gave me, his avid reader, a deeper glimpse into the layers creating the woman who raised Jenna Paine, so much so,  I can no longer judge her based on unwavering shades of black and white.

I've been a Cyrus Keith fan since I read the first lines of BECOMING NADIA...

"She had no memory from before the  Darkness."

...and on through each of the many lines since, stretching now, throughout four titles. My belief in this author's storytelling skills is growing with each new tale.
LIES AND PAINE is a MUST read for anyone who's into high energy suspense. In a world, such as we live in today, it isn't always easy to know who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are. Is Jenna a good guy? She wants to be, but when your world is built on an ever changing sea floor of lies...?

LIES AND PAINE deserves more stars than we currently can give it, so I am limited to giving it


This IS science fiction at its best...or is it Science FACT at its scariest?

You'll have to read it for yourself and decide.

To Mr. Keith I add, please bring your creative storytelling back to us with a new tale, soon...You've captured this fan, and I am going to hold on tight.