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Monday, February 10, 2014

THREE WRONGS by Chuck Bowie lands on Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's HOT SEAT REVIEWS

THREE WRONGS by Chuck Bowie.
Sean Donovan is an intriguing character. He's a man you're not really sure you're rooting for and yet he's a whole lot better than many of the other people you're going to meet along the way. Does that make him deserving of you following along, rooting from his corner? Luckily, yeah!

This is a story about an affable, mostly, thief who is hired, gets in, gets the job done, and with a code of ethics that might seem a tad skewered, but still manages to make him hero material.

On the outside, Sean doesn't look like a beefy, burly, savior type, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or capable of besting thugs with more brawn and gristle, but he lacks in girth he makes up for with the strength behind his gray matter. 
THREE WRONGS...high energy dynamite that catapults Sean and the reader from one, by-the-skin-of-your-teeth adventure into the next one.

This book deserves FIVE STARS just for the intense, behind the facade of civility action it brings you up close and personal with, along with showing us what would drive a man to take the risks Sean takes and be more cunning than those he takes on.


The cover also deserves to Cover Artist Mike Zambrano...please accept a 

Ladybug Lin Excellent Cover Award. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

BROKEN FAMILY by Kevin Hopson LANDS earlier in Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's HOT SEAT REVIEWS


How lucky can the Ladybug and Kitty Kat be getting our whiskers and little feelers on  

before it's release date from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.? (It's not due out until MARCH 2014!)

We here at Ladybug and 

Kitty Kat HOT SEAT REVIEWS are long time fans of Kevin Hopson. Every book offered via Muse It Up Publishing by this talented author have been read and reread since his debut on October 1, 2010. 

With each new book/short story, we are consistently impressed with the richness of detail one would not expect in such short epochs. This one, BROKEN FAMILY...cover by equally gifted Cora Graphics, is no different.

A woman's body is found discarded by the local lake. Sheriff Joseph Mauro and two of his deputies begin an investigation...

A secret insurance annoyed daughter and her boyfriend...are tendrils the Sheriff and his staff begin to follow. Where will they lead?

Kevin takes us along for the ride as clues, and mis-clues pull us down a convoluted path...that may...or may not lead to murder. With Kevin's talents for taking a seemingly straight forward tale and tossing mini-bombs into the mix, you never know where he's leading you. 


for Kevin Hopson and his soon-to-be-released BROKEN FAMILY


An exquisite marriage between story teller and cover designer.

Friday, February 7, 2014

WALKER'S RUN by Mel Favreaux is front and center in Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's HOT SEAT REVIEWS

Goddess, werewolves, tigers, guardians...and more...Oh My!
Mel Favreaux has created a land somewhere out there in Big Sky Country...Montana...that lures successful, high profile photographer, Casey Maynard back from the self-indulgent models she skillfully photographs while masking their unhealthy dieting practices, to the world of Nature spread out like a frigid mistress before her. 

Having grown up in the Country, myself, I'm drawn to the secrets Mother Nature keeps shrouded beneath the overt beauty of her many layers and faces....but unlike Casey, I never got this close to the biting hoarfrost of her prolonged breath...yet I was drawn in and held firmly in the icy swirls of Nature's most powerful breezes.

Epochs do not happen over night. They grow with the accumulation of appreciative readers down through the ages. Each new reader makes a long term home for that book in the deeper parts of the reader's memories and desires to read it again and again eagerly sharing it with those following behind us. 
WALKER'S RUN, which is Book One in a series I will be standing in line to grab the minute the next one comes out, has brought to life a MANY species I am coming to know and care for via Mel Favreaux's story telling skills. 

Already I miss Casey, Braedyn, Amber, The Silver Wolf, Dean, Peyton, Rhea, Aquene, and the others I feel I've come to know in Walker's Run. 

Rich storytelling...

Can't wait for Mel Favreaux to take us back to the Big Sky Country and Walker's Run.


I'm not sure if I should feel sad for myself because I'm not the age of LRS' target audience for 

LAUNCHING SISTERS TO WITCH CAMP. Would I have enjoyed it more as a sixth grader, like the hero, JJ? Boy Howdy though, how ever could I have survived enjoying it more?

JJ is a sixth grader about to shed his school day doldrums for the whole summer...or he's HOPING to, but with his two sisters, one older and beyond being a pain in his adventurous plans, and the other younger...a pure nuisance he wants to not tolerate in the days/weeks to can he do all the things he has waiting on his list as long as they're still around? They need to disappear. But how?

Out of the blue, on the Internet, JJ's best friend sees the answer to JJ's problem...He's got to send his sisters to witch camp. What could be more perfect? The problem is you rarely know the consequences of what you think you want so much...until...

LAUNCHING SISTERS TO WITCH CAMP has an amazingly funny cover by the brilliant CK Volnek, (I'm also awarding one of our Ladybug Lin Exceptional Cover awards too,) go with this book's story...a book I could not put down no matter how many stitches I had to try stretching my way through.

FIVE GIDDY STARS I give to this great summer tale of boys rewriting the old adage, "BOYS WILL BE BOYS." 

Well Done LRS.

 from your creative brain?