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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ALL BECAUSE OF CHICKENS by G.L. Miller has landed in the Ladybug and Kitty Kat HOT SEAT REVIEWS

I was finally able to sleep in relative comfort last night...first time in almost two weeks, so while the spine is not screaming at me every three seconds, I finished reading G.L.'s 


I'm going to begin this review, with the obvious...the title is clever and enticing. 

Well done on that.

This is a story that takes place in my old stomping grounds, around and about State College, PA. State College is the main home of Penn State University...a well known college around the world, because of its infamous football team and its equally infamous former coach Joe Paterno.

The events in this book, though can take place anywhere...for me they took place about four hours east of State College in between two small towns, 

WYCOMBE and PINEVILLE: not far from 


I no longer live there...unfortunately...and I miss it horribly...but this book for a heartbeat, 

brought me home.

Reading this book took me back to my own years on the farm and participating in the 

4-H club.

I rolled sod, I milked cows, I collected eggs (In this story the hens don't seem to mind having their oval treasures collected...on the farm I worked, they weren't quite so accommodating...hens have beaks and know how to use them.)

For those who do not know the first thing about farming, organic planting, cooperation that leads to deep and lasting friendships, G.L. gives us that and so much more.

She paints this story with the very rich pallet of her words and does it so well you can smell the various aromas in the air, hear the happy chirping and clucking if you turn your ear just a little-that way, and find yourself thoroughly engrossed in the journey Sammy has undertaken.

Surprisingly you find yourself cheering for Sam, his girls, and Mai Li, the girl he comes to share the day-to-day highs and lows of this ever changing landscape with.

There is mystery, 


loyalty and 


I found myself wanting to reach into this world G.L. creates and pluck the stiff rigidity from the judges at the fair...and I smiled like a loon when the final act played out. 

When I was a teacher, I would have snatched this book up and built at least a month's worth of lesson plans in ALL subjects around it...making this a book my students would remember long after the last lesson was revealed and explored.

Therefore, to give this incredible book with it's entrancing title less than 

FIVE STARS would be a miscarriage of justice.

So G.L. for one of the best stories for our youth that I've read in a long time....ALL BECAUSE OF CHICKENS...has richly earned its 


Well done you...oh and before I wrap this, may I add, I really

hope this is book ONE of a series?

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Think and Grow Dead

 by Max W. Miller will be my first new review in too long a time.

For many months my spine has only known the pain generated years ago by a Michael Henson type. 

My name is Linda, but unlike the Linda Max Miller writes of, I have no connection to the rich soils burbling beneath the Hawaiian territory, nor do I know of one such as she. Perhaps if I did, I would not have to admit reading this powerful story is the first time in many, many months, no,  years, my spine has felt anything not ensnared by the level of "love" it received all those many, many years ago.

Long ago I came upon the belief that anything the mind can create is a reality out there in the Universe. 

Knowing that, I truly hope a deeply rooted place somewhere in the cosmos is nurturing a garden where the Michael Hensons who planted their seeds in my spinal garden is creating the rich top spoil that will make them perfect plants for Linda Mahelona's garden of retribution. 

How young must the victim of the future retribution plant's design be before justice pulls the roots deep into its eternal soil. 4, 8, 16. 21, 30?

Thank you Max Miller for giving my spine it's first tingles of something other than soul crunching pain.

This is a short, powerful, well paced story that tells me I want to jump on the Max Miller band wagon...I recommend it highly.


Five Stars 

and a deep, abiding 

thank you. I NEEDED this story more than mere words can express right