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Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Ladybug Lin here. One of the Great things you can read anything you want...totally enjoy it...and not have to apologize or explain your enjoyment to anyone.

This is a well crafted book written for the middle school audience...My middle school years are a distant memory...probably because the dude sitting in the seat next to me had the cool name of "T"...No...NOT MR. T...but T-Rex. (Because of his teeny arms, I never had to worry about him dipping my hair into the nearest lava well.)

BLACK CATS AND BALLET SLIPPERS is a laugh a moment read, that's so well written, it'll remind those of us knitting with stegosaurus rib bones of the angst, exaggerated drama, and misguided mental meanderings we USED to fill out our days with. (Oh where oh where has the magic gone?)

Iva Valentino tells us all about Gemma's plots, plans, and worries in the voice of her 

diary. Each entry takes us from Monday, October 10th at 4:00 PM...with Halloween on the not too distant horizon...all the way through Tuesday, November 1st at 3:30 PM and the post Halloween unraveling of the scariest truths.

Gemma tells us EVERYTHING...including her panic over giving herself a home cut because she decides her hair needed "feathering", and the MAJOR DISASTER this sets off.

BLACK CATS AND BALLET SLIPPERS is a fun read, and one that will have every middle school girl pumping her fist in the air going..."I've done that!" or, "OMG she loves her Trevor just as much as I love my Lance!"

Excellent book...a laugh riot...engaging...and a top notch tale for the Middle Schoolers among us.

BLACK CATS AND BALLET SLIPPERS by Iva Valentino has expertly earned



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS by John B. Rosenman lands in the HOT SEAT REVIEWS


Your average, run of the mill, Ladybug Lin here...and I just finished reading INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS by John B. Rosenman.

Although I am not a rabid Sci-Fi fan, I've found I'm a INTRIGUED Sci-Fi dabbler. What does that mean? For one thing it means I've had the opportunity to read stories written by the amazingly creative mind of John B. Rosenman...(And OMG...have your read this guy's resumé?)

Someone, somewhere once said...and I think it was Gene Rodenberry, there really aren't more than maybe four Sci-Fi themes. What brings them to life is how the author reweaves them. I don't know if that's true, but as I read this story I kept seeing correlations to an episode of the Original Star Trek TV Series. 

In INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS we have an agent of The Cross who spends most of his life...over 3500 years and counting floating around in space in a state of cryogenic...uhmmm...absence...while his AI controlled ship takes him from one end of the universe to another and from one mission...the search for the perfect the next.

His people, The Cross, have been in a perpetual war with the evil Cenknife Civilization. All The Cross needs is that one PERFECT weapon to end the stalemate war and allow its side to finally win.

The Cross seems to be founded, or guided by the words written in the Bible. (In the episode of Star Trek, the (GOOD) culture in it deified the words of The Constitution.) 
INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS aptly reveals the dichotomy of clinging, with blind, unquestioning obedience, to beliefs sanctified way back when. No system that expands over the generations into an empire avoids the inherent weakness in man's longing and designs for avarice, power, and all too imperfect perfection. This story shows that in spades!

INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS is powerful, richly detailed, and despite being placed somewhere in the nebulous future, right on the nose accurate. 

John B. Rosenman proves again that he's a master at creating Science Fiction that grabs his readers, hangs onto his readers, and squeezes every emotion from his readers along the way.
INSPECTOR OF THE CROSS easily warrants the 

FIVE STARS I can do no less than rightly award it.

To John B. Rosenman, I bow before your skill, Oh Masterful One!

Well Done!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


THE RAINBOW GHOST BUS by Sue Perkins was released from Muse It Up Publishers under its MIY...Muse It Young banner as a middle grade fantasy.

I was first drawn to this book by it's incredible cover, done by Mike Zambrano. It's spooky, with just enough mist to send chills up and down your spine. 

Now that I've read IS good. 

I don't do reasoning is if I tell you what the story's about, while reviewing it, why would anyone want to bother reading it?

That said...this is a modern story of a family that converts an old bus depot into a home.

Buried in the annals of the bus depot's history is a mystery involving embezzlement, death, and mysterious disappearances. 

Into the night a spooky bus shows up determined to get the children to travel throughout four unique realms with a quest they think they understand...until...they learn they hadn't a clue about the real quest.

THE RAINBOW GHOST BUS is edge of your seat adventure that will easily pull you, the reader in and hold you until the very end.

As a former teacher, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. As a mother who raised children, I cannot highly enough recommend parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles share this book with your offspring.

Now as 

Ladybug Lin, who really did get the bejeeburs scared out of me...I cannot give THE RAINBOW GHOST BUS by Sue Perkins less than 

Five Stars and be just.

To Ms. Perkins, very, very well done! 

Wolf at the Door gets kitty-katted!

I recently had the pleasure of reading Wolf at the Door by N.J. Walters. It's the first book in her new Salvation Pack series published by Samhain Publishing. And oh what a first book it is!

Jacque LaForge is all alpha male and a werewolf to boot. Gwendolyn Jones is a typically cynical writer for the tabloids who longs to write the great American romance. Two worlds are about to collide.

When Gwen gets a mysterious phone call from a man demanding a meet in a cemetery no less, she's reluctant. But he swears he has proof of werewolves living among them. All she gets from him is a flash drive, and unfortunately a pack of wolves at her door...literally.

A mad attempt at escape leaves her with nothing but a totaled car and a concussion, and in the hands of a very sexy, very arrogant alpha. Now suddenly her world, and her life as she knew it, have been irrevocably altered.

Jacque just wanted to protect his pack and was desperate to get back the evidence of werewolves's existence. Gwen's life didn't matter to him at all, that is until fate decides to knock him upside the head with the knowledge she's his mate. And as if that weren't bad enough, she's a potential mate for another as well.

And of course, fate being the cruel jester it is, his own father, a brutal and psycho alpha of his former pack who believes in the old ways which doesn't permit mating with humans is out to kill Gwen.

Now he has to somehow win the woman who sees him as nothing but a kidnapper, keep the other male who wants her away from her, and save her from the murderous intentions of his father. Whoever said life was dull?

This book is fantastic and an amazing, well-developed first book in a series. After reading this I am looking forward to the next book. Without question, this book gets five stars!

You can get Wolf at the Door by N.J. Walters here.
And you can visit N.J. Walters's website here.


TWIN FLAMES: SOUL DESTINY by Alix Richards...what an amazing read this was for me, 

Ladybug Lin.

Twin Flames...Ms. Richards gives that name to a concept I have over the years heard referred to as : 

Soul Twin; 

Soul Mirror; 

Split Apart...the truth that although we have many Soul-Mates, we only have one PERFECT other whose soul, like ours, was cleaved in two at the moment of creation and sent down to inhabit two shell forms charged with the job of seeking each other for a love beyond any other.

In Ms. Richards' TWIN FLAME series, Joy and Jairo have found it, but none of us come to our perfection without having the nurture of those we call family and friends influencing who we've grown into. Beliefs held like iron wills, taught to us from the earliest moments of this life-span shape who and what we are...making barriers to be traversed before the perfection is finally allowed to shine its brightest.

This is book THREE in the TWIN FLAMES series and a worthy addition to this powerful realistic saga. Joy and Jairo bring such honesty to the problems involved in being their soul's perfect half bridging the differences of  two cultures, his more accepting of the unique, and hers, wanting nothing more than to pass.

There's raw, simple, perfect passion...there's the universe conducting their symphony with staccatos that swell and with equal intensity retreat in timorous tones.



FIVE STAR Tale in the ongoing journey Joy and Jairo must make.

Well Done Ms. Richards.

Friday, April 25, 2014

THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY by Addison James lands in Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's THE HOT SEAT REVIEWS

What fun it is to visit with old friends again as they embark on a new-uh-misadventure in their journey down the meandering Highways and Byways of their love.

We first met Susan and Roger in 
THE BEST BAD DATE, revisited them in 
THE BEST BAD CHRISTMAS GIFT, and now find them about to share 

In this visit, poor Susan is about to spend 

Cupid's holiday lying flat on her belly after she and the throes of...well...immediate...unbridled passion, roll off the dining-room table, landing with a reverberating thud upon Susan's protesting 

tail bone.

As someone born with an extra vertebra, who sits, literally, and figuratively on my tail bone, Addison James' minute by excruciating second description of the pain Susan experiences reminded me of my first year in Public School.

I'd never been in a gym class before seventh grade...but I quickly learned a person who sits on her tail bone should never, ever, ever wear white gym shorts or do sit ups. (The tailbone, like a stone stropped sword, cuts through the concealing flesh leaving the butt bleeding and pain...lots and lots of pain screaming the full length of one's spinal column behind.)
Image of Addison James
Addison James is 


She brings to vivid life, the stark agony of a fractured tail bone, and the eye dropping embarrassment Susan exudes when she must tell the medicals how she came to fall off the table. It also shares the humor...eventually...such an accident evokes.

THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY is an excellent addition to the growing library of 



It easily earns another FIVE STARS.

Well Done Addison...

Question...What holiday will Susan and Roger share with us next? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



it speeds by so quickly...authors we cherish, bound by the tapestry spun by the capricious hands of The Fates can only remain, weaving their own tapestry of magic via their books, tales, rhymes and reasons, for a heartbeat of time before they must move on leaving the rest of us with our hungry jaws scarping the ground, wishing for more.
Limits...we all have limits...but luckily some of us can leave behind pearls of joy, wisdom, or just plain entertainment before being called to the GREAT LIBRARY beyond the Soul's Veil. Pat Dale, author of many fantastic Muse It Up Offerings is one such artisan.

ZACH'S AMAZING DREAM MACHINE is today's opus...written by Pat Dale for the Middle Grade Audience THE HIT SEAT REVIEWS only JUST got to...


Zach loves his much so he proudly writes short stories based upon tales his Grandpa's told him over the years...tales everyone accuses him of lying about...ridiculing him, making Zach feel like a thief of truth..

Zach is a bit of a genius...How can he prove the stories told him by his Grandfather are real? 

Thus begins this rich story of a young man's love and determination to honor the grandfather he adores above all others. 

FIVE STARS...and a multitude of 


To Pat Dale...You are up there sitting at the right side of the Guardian of Heaven's Book Repository, but I wish to thank you for leaving behind such a rich treasure trove of your brilliance for the rest of us to immerse ourselves inside...until we move beyond the Veil and join you first hand.

STILL AT YOUR DOOR by Emma Eden Ramos lands in Ladybug Lin and Kitty Kat's THE HOT SEAT REVIEWS

Life...when the body of mother expels the infant, born with the enviable tableau rasa upon the world around it, like a blank canvas awaiting the palette of color, shade, and form, the future awaits with promise of all that can be...

Emma Eden Ramos' STILL AT YOUR DOOR...reveals in breathtaking starkness, what can and unfortunately all too often does happen when the canvas is assaulted with the erratic hues of parenting and/or society gone awry.

Three sisters, born to a mother so enmeshed in the many layers of her own misfiring brain synapses sets the stage for events spinning, churning, and chugging towards one soul shattering conclusion.

As a child of an alcoholic, I read this story feeling the pit in my stomach rumbling, recognizing clues from a past I can never fully separate myself matter how many years, degrees, and wishes life had been different I can conger up.

Ms. Ramos writes from such a foundation of power and honesty, no one reading this book can walk away untouched...changed.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, nor award Ms. Ramos' story telling skills the level of praise she deserves.

Giving Ms. Ramos JUST five stars for this story seems like I'm cheating her of the true value and impact of her talents, but I am limited by the strictures of the structure surrounding modern day book reviews...

Therefore it is with a deeply affected spirit I award STILL AT THE DOOR by Emma Eden Ramos JUST

Five Stars...and urge one and all to please, please, please read this incredible tale.